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When photographing, turn around, your best picture might be behind you.

- David Huffines

Portrait of Bill Stettner in his shop 'The Garage Sale', New York © Peter Adams 1991

BILL STETTNER was a very successful New York advertising photographer, with an amazing inventive mind, and many iconic images under his belt. He was also believed a great injustice was being perpetrated on photographers around the world.  

Through the late eighties, Bill and a number of other American photographers fought a battle over the right of a photographer to own the copyright in their own images - the first such action, in what is now accepted as a photographer’s right just about everywhere around the world.

The passing of the revisions to the copyright act had disastrous consequences for Stettner and his co-campaigners.

Many of the committee found it difficult to get meaningful work after the revisions to the copyright act became law (unless they waived their rights) - but Bill, as the main protagonist, was black-balled by the New York advertising industry, and never worked again as a photographer.

He eventually lost everything to his creditors.

'American Flag', © Bill Stettner 1965

Bill’s last career was as a dealer in second hand goods, from a shop called ‘The Garage Sale’ on Columbus Circle (where I made this portrait). Sadly the strain of previous years and progressively deteriorating health destroyed his spirit, and he eventually died a pauper in Mount Sinai hospital.

Our memory of those who have fought battles on our collective behalf, are sadly short lived.  In many ways, Bill gave his life for what he believed in – a principle that benefited every working photographer today.

We should not forget that.

 “As a young man” said Bill, “the glamour of the world of photography was definitely the job for me! I started work, as a photographer’s assistant for $27.50 week - and all the girls I could wrap and carry!

“I suppose my most memorable pictures were made in the 60’s - the series I did on racial inequality and the Vietnam War.

“Martin Luther King had just been assassinated, as had Kennedy. America was a racial mess. Sure, people were talking about racial integration – as though things had changed. But just below the surface it was as it had always been – all the bigotry and hatred. I suppose my most satisfying image is the double face - but most people never understood it.

'The Double Face', © Bill Stettner 1963

“I wanted to make a picture that made the point that underneath it all, we’re all the same.  I wanted to take a picture of ordinary blue-collar workers – a sort of Avedon close up – using a black man for one half of the face, and a white man for the other – so that the black man looked like the shadow side of the white man’s face.

“These days this would simple with computers - but back in 1963 it all had to be done in the camera. I had a huge casting session that went on for ever, and eventually , shot 36 sheets of 5” x 4” film of the white guy – cross lit from the right. At this stage I hadn’t found a black face that matched and I didn’t for quite a while – in fact the film stayed untouched in the slide holders for two months.

“Most of the art directors who saw this portrait thought it was some weird white guy with a fat lip, and threw the print into the bin! When I explained it to them, they got embarrassed and didn’t want to talk about it. It definitely wasn’t a commercial success!”
Bill used his spare time to experiment with personal photography - images that drew attention to the hatred he saw around him in America. Brought up in a Jewish family – his father was a wedding photographer who had emigrated from Europe – he was well aware of racial persecution and inequality.

Stettner’s collection of social comment photographs was large, but now sadly now lost due to a confidence trick played on him when he was dying. I remember a picture of a black hand holding white jelly baby, another of Martin Luther King’s portrait superimposed on a petrol can (a reference to the Birmingham riots) and many others. Who knows where they are now.

But perhaps it is this one, a comment on the explosive and self-destructive nature of the United States, which has best stood the test of time and is as relevant today as when it was when photographed in 1968.

In many ways, Bill Stettner gave his life so that you and I can now enjoy the benefits of owning our own copyright. He died in Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Two days prior to his death, while doped up on Morphine, an unidentified person or persons got Bill to sign away his life’s work – all his negatives, prints and equipment – which disappeared overnight and were never seen again. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Bill Stettner's pictures please contact this website or peter.adams@peteradams.com

We need to remember Bill Stettner and his images.

Written by Peter Adams

FocusOnNature is an international photography workshops program in Iceland, lead by world-renowned instructors and guided by élite team of professional locals.

Some of the world’s top photographers and instructors offer their special curricula, teaching you a diverse set of skills including visual storytelling, composition, digital workflow, image enhancement, and much more.

Photography Workshop Program 2012:

Not your standard workshop in Iceland / Zack Arias
June 17 – June 23

Discover Iceland: A Photographer’s Paradise / Ben Willmore
June 24 – June 30

Fine Art Nude Photo Workshop in Iceland / Allen Birnbach
July 1 - July 7

Pursuing Your Personal Project in Iceland / Julieanne Kost
July 8 - July 14

Come Get Lost in Iceland / Bry Cox
July 15 – July 21

A Story in Motion / Vincent Laforet, RC Concepcion and Richard Harrington
July 22 – July 28

The Color of Iceland / Arthur Meyerson
August 5 - August 11

True North: Photographing the Interpretive Landscape / Seán Duggan
August 12 - August 18

Iceland, Year 3: The Undiscovered Country / Tony Sweet
August 19 - August 25

Explore Iceland – The Adventure of a Lifetime / John Paul Caponigro & Seth Resnick
August 24 - August 31

More information at http://www.FocusOnNature.is

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FocusOnNature is an international photography workshops program in Iceland, lead by world-renowned instructors and guided by élite team of professional locals.
Some of the world’s top photographers and instructors offer their special curricula, teaching you a diverse set of skills including visual storytelling, composition, digital workflow, image enhancement, and much more.


Photography Workshop Program 2011:

From Many to One / Katrin Eismann
June  26 - July 2

Fine Art Nude Photo Workshop in Iceland / Allen Birnbach
July 3 - July 9

Exploring the Land of the Midnight Sun / Tony Sweet
July 10 - July 16

Dramatic Iceland: Creating the Expressive Photograph / Brenda Tharp
July 24 - July 30

Creating Killer Images in Iceland / Seth Resnick
August 7 to August 13

The Color of Iceland / Arthur Meyerson
August 14 - August 20

Pursuing Your Personal Project in Iceland / Julieanne Kost
August 21 - August 27

Destination Iceland / John Paul Caponigro
August 21 - August 27

Testimonials for Focus on Nature:
"Why FON? World-class teaching, unforgettable locations,
highest caliber classmates, and a guaranteed thrill-a-day learning curve.
And now I have friends on another planet, er, continent."
- Bruce Thayer

"It is as if the quality of my landscape photography took a measurable leap forward during one week with Focus on Nature in Iceland."
- Michael Brochstein

More info about Focus on Nature's photo workshop in Iceland

During his prolific sixty-year career, the godfather of American photography captured iconic images for the Sierra Club and National Park Service, wrote best-selling books, campaigned for the environment, and even took President Jimmy Carter's official White House portrait. Even so, these make up only a portion of Ansel Adams's portfolio. Discover the hidden treasures of America's most popular photographer in Unseen Ansel Adams.

These rare photographs in Unseen Ansel Adams come from the celebrated collection of the University of California. During the 1960s, Adams spent time chronicling the university's campuses, including images of Berkeley's majestic campanile, Santa Cruz's ferny forests, Santa Barbara's pristine coastline, and UCLA's chancellor.

Photography aficionados will certainly appreciate this fresh look at a master's lesser-known work. Spreads feature beautiful black-and-white photographs that are rich in detail and texture, showcasing Adams's unmistakable style.

Though best known for his photographs of nature, Ansel Adams saw beauty in many forms, including many man-made structures like the modern architecture of UCSD and aerial shots of Los Angeles's famous freeways.

An avid environmentalist, Adams spent his career documenting the wonders of the natural world. See regal eucalyptus groves, sculptural cacti, rocky valleys, and lacy fungus through Adams's eyes in remarkable photographs he took while on a tour of California.


192 pages—Trim: 13 1/2 x 12 1/2—Over 250 photos—Price: $39.95
More info about the
Unseen Ansel Adams Book.

Photograph by Catala Roca
Photograph by Catala Roca

The virtual gallery www.Photolounge.eu is celebrating its 10th anniversary of being pioneers and bringing fine spanish and international photography to collectors and photography lovers around the world.
Find exclusive work of authors like Chema Madoz, Joan Colom, Pérez-Siquier, Zuzunaga, Cheyco Leidmann, Fontcuberta, Català-Roca and others.

Photography_Prints_by_Joan Fontcuberta.jpg
Photograph by Joan Fontcuberta
Photograph by Chema Madoz

Photograph by Joan Colom

About the book
My goal with writing this book (On Travel Photography - 101 Tips for Developing Your Photographic Eye & More) was to provide easily accessible information about how to improve one's travel photography, whether venturing around the world, or around the corner.  It's not meant to be a text book, and certainly not technical in nature, just a collection of good, solid hints and tips, many with representative images and interesting quotes, so that the reader can recognize and capture more and better photo opportunities and so return from a trip with better photographs.
Many Curves - I made this image near Portillo, Chile, just over the Argentinian border, as we drove from Mendoza, Argentina's wine region, to Santiago.  When we came upon this scene I asked the driver to pull over so that I could attempt to capture this extremely interesting landscape.  It's my understanding that there are 28 switchbacks on this road, but I could only count about 17 in this image, so there are still quite a few behind me.  I like the way the bus adds a sense of scale and what I like to call a "human touch," to the image, as well.

Quite the View - shot at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.  Here, a good friend of mine and I had this whole scene to ourselves one morning in late October, and as I was shooting away, I pulled back from the camera's viewfinder only to see him up on the arch looking down almost 1,000 feet to the canyon floor below.  I caught my breath, as if I was on the arch (I'm deathly afraid of heights), and had just a few seconds to capture a number of quick shots, using his figure to provide a sense of scale and add a human touch to the scene.
Island Church - this image was made in Lake Bled, Slovenia.  I made it when I walked all around Lake Bled, in about 3 hours, and was able to capture this wonderful subject from a variety of angles, with different backgrounds and foregrounds and in changing light.  I always say "Get Around" your subject, and this one allowed me to do just that.

About Ralph Velasco
From his base in Southern California, professional photographer and author Ralph Velasco teaches and speaks at a variety of institutions including the University of California Irvine Extension, the Irvine Fine Arts Center, Saddleback College and Santa Ana College, as well as the Orange County Fair, Distant Lands Travel Store and various camera clubs and Meetup groups, among others.

Mr. Velasco leads a variety of photography tours to interesting places around the world, including Eastern Europe, Egypt, San Francisco and Chicago.

Recently named Open Photographer of the Year 2009 by the Professional Photographers of Orange County, Velasco has developed several distinct businesses around photography:


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Marko_Susla_Photography_Abandonment_A Place of Solitude.jpg

The first two photographs are from a work in progress titled Abandonment which was initiated in late 2007.  This work is intimately intertwined with a sister work titled The Fall of Farmers and Mechanics.  The work examines abandonment.  What is abandonment, beyond the obvious?  How does it affect us both directly and indirectly?  How in a way, it ties us all together in one continuum, like a cosmic thread.

Marko_Susla_Photography_In the Blink of an Eye_Bad_Trip.jpg

The second set of four photographs is from a new work initiated in early 2009 tentatively titled In the Blink of An Eye.  It was initiated to address the question of contrast and how photographers interpret contrast.  Contrast in my mind can be interpreted in two different ways.  The first, technically, via high dynamic range for example.  The second via a combination of subject matter and perspective.  The project I initiated consists of a series of diptychs with an image of a typical everyday scene as one would observe in this part of the world and what could result from intentional or unintentional actions.

Marko_Susla_Photography_In the Blink of an Eye_Neighbors.jpg

About Marko Susla
Marko Susla was born (1959) and raised in Connecticut, USA.  For his eight grade graduation trip into Manhattan, his father placed a Leica 35mm in his hands and a roll of black and white film showing him how to use it.  From here the interest in photography grew.  Marko was classically trained as a scientist obtaining a B.S. from the University of Bridgeport followed by six years of post graduate studies at Wesleyan University.  On entering graduate school, a professor asked him if he was a frustrated artist, continuing that this was a personality trait of those doing research in his field.  Working with spatial concepts, the rules of assembly, symmetry, asymmetry, learning how to look at things, to see things, graphic presentation of data, finding art and beauty from a perspective different form other fields of study, science was a natural conduit into photography.  A camera was a natural extension of using scientific instrumentation, that is how to make a piece of equipment work to achieve the desired results.  Also, how to visually present data capturing the desired elements.  Experimentation.  Marko’s current interests are disparate, including the beauty of scenic and landscape photography, editorial photography, and the dark side of documenting abandoned structures and places.  Perhaps this is a balance?

Marko Susla has been published in Supermassiveblackholemag (Issue #4)
and a print is going to an exhibit at The Center of Fine Art Photography.
Marko Susla website is http://susla.photoshelter.com/

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In Diane Stevenson own words:
My project on South Ninth Street in Modesto is in it's early stages. I have no preconceived idea about the people I meet or the photographs I take.
South Ninth Street is considered Modesto's skid row as prostitutes and drug dealers frequent the area. I photograph a stretch of road between the Ninth Street bridge and the 99 freeway overpass, this area runs about a half mile long.

I have driven down Ninth Street in Modesto CA, USA for years on my way home from where ever. This March I began to photograph it. Ninth Street in Modesto runs many miles long but the section of street that calls me is only about a mile. I don't photograph it with regularity, only when something inside tells me I need to go. I don't think of my images as being positive or negative, and I don't have a particular point of view to communicate, the pictures I take of people, buildings, and cars are as disconnected as the subjects themselves. I don't utilize any photographic style, some of my images are clearly documentary and yet others are completely experimental. I often go out at night and pop the flash multiple times with my shutter speed on bulb. Most times I engage my subjects and other times I shoot from the hip. The only rule I have for photographing Ninth Street, is not to limit myself with rules.


About Diane Stevenson
Diane Stevenson graduated with a bachelors degree in Journalism with an emphasis in photo communications and a minor degree in African American Studies in 1994. However despite ten years of working within the newspaper industry, I believe it is only in March of this year that I have begun to photograph. I have a lot of learning to do and a lot of art to create.

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Christophe Agou writes in his book Life Below:
"The underground world of the New York City Subway became a stage for chance rendezvous with people from all walks of life. My emotions seemed to echo those of the passengers I chose to portray... I loved feeling the pulse beneath the city, letting my eye intuitively discover the reality under the surface. I had no destinations or expectations in mind. Each time I went below, it was with my heart."


All Rights Reserved - Life Below - Photographs by Christophe Agou - Quantuck Lane Press, New York, 2004

From its beginnings in the early part of the 20th century, the New York City subway has captured the imaginations of photographers from Walker Evans to Bruce Davidson, and many more. But never has it been so powerfully and lyrically portrayed as in these carefully orchestrated sequences from Christophe Agou, a photographer whose searing images haunt and intrigue us at the same time.

All Rights Reserved - Life Below - Photographs by Christophe Agou - Quantuck Lane Press, New York, 2004

Agou's Life Below, on the other hand, entirely in black-and-white and produced between 1997 and 2000, presents a moving, lyrical, and surprisingly
personal portrait of the subway. These revealing images of fleeting acquaintances and proximity are often shot at such a close range, one marvels at the
accomplishment, and sees in them something enduring and timeless. Hands on the pole, newspapers blowing on the ground as the train approaches,
people in intense thought and conversation appear with a feeling of intimacy that pervades the entire project. 

About Christophe Agou
French Contemporary photographer Christophe Agou moved to New York in 1992. Bridging the worlds of documentary and fine art
photography, Agou works in extended series, both in color and black and white. His intimate images haunt and intrigue us at the same time,
creating an intensely rich, layered visual language that triggers thoughts and emotions. He first came to prominence with his compelling photographs
made in the New York Subway, and published Life Below in 2004.
 He was chosen as a finalist for both the prestigious W. Eugene Smith Award in 2006 and le Prix de la Photographie de l’Académie des Beaux Arts of
Paris in 2008. He received a ‘Mention Spéciale‘ for Le Prix Kodak de la Critique Photographique in 2009.His work has been widely published and exhibited
internationally including at the Moma; NY, Le Jeu de Paume Museum, Paris; The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, The Museum of American History in
D.C and at festivals including Les Rencontres D’Arles, Noorderlicht and Fotofest.

- You can buy his book at PhotoEye
- Check out Christophe Agou website
- Quotes by Christophe Agou on PhotoQuotes
- Street photos by Christophe Agou at in-public.com

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Experience Iceland, with some of the world’s finest photographic instructors and an elite team of locals. Learn and enjoy dramatic nature at the same time.

FocusOnNature offers you thoroughly unique experiences – photographic workshops, lead by world-renowned photographers, guided by local professionals, in stunningly beautiful Iceland.

Each workshop is made unique by the instructor’s strengths and passions, customized for individual participants, and guided to unique destinations at specific times. No workshop experiences are ever the same.


2010 Photography Workshop Program:

Seth Resnick - Fire and Ice Workshop - An erupting volcano provides color, shape and form at it's finest in Iceland  - April 28 to May 4th
Allen Rokach - Mastering the Photographic Assignment - Mastering the Photographic Assignment - June 25 - July 3

Tim Cooper - Crafting the Fine Landscape Photograph - June 27 - July 3

Adam Stoltman - Taking Time: Developing Photographic Reflexes, Presence
and a Sense of Narrative - July 4 - July 10

Tony Sweet - Interpreting the Last Great Landscape - July 18 - July 24

Stephen Johnson - Mastery of Landscape - July 25 - July 31

George Schaub - Digital SLR Field Techniques - August 1 - August 7

John Paul Caponigro - Destination Iceland - August 8 - August 13

Julieanne Kost - Mastering Lightroom and Photoshop in the breathtaking landscape of Iceland - August 8 - August 14

Laurie Excell - Bringing Your Vision to Life / From the Click of the Shutter to the Finishing Touches in the Digital Darkroom.  - August 15 - August 21

Joe McNally - Exploring the light in Iceland - August 22 - August 28

Brenda Tharp - Light, Design and Color: The Expressive Landscape in Iceland - August 22 - August 28

For more information visit: Photography Workshops by FocusOnNature

Peter Adams Book

“Who shot That” book by Peter Adams
Winner of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Book of the Year  2008

Peter Adams has been described as a ‘Photographer’s photographer’ and after working on his project for 23 years, the first in a series of books is now published and available directly through his website (www.peteradams.com).

His collection of portraits ‘Who Shot That?’ is now comprised of 500 interviews and portraits with the world’s master photographers – the people who made the world’s most famous images. Images like the ‘Raising of the Flag at Iwo Jima’, the haunting picture made by Eddie Adams in Vietnam of the prisoner being executed in the street and the portrait of Winston Churchillm by Yousuf Karsh, that first appeared on the cover of Life Magazine. This first volume of ‘Who Shot That?’ contains over 60 portraits of some of these legendary photographers.

Karsh portrait
Karsh portrait

Elliott Erwitt
Elliott Erwitt
This small book (128 pages) is a great introduction to Adams’ enormous body of work during which he traveled nearly 300,000 miles. “After shooting around 30,000 negatives and surviving on the smell of an oily rag and 700 hamburgers, it’s none too soon!” quips Peter. It is available directly from Peter through the secure order system on this site (http://www.peteradams.com/books.html).

Peter Adams’ book "Who Shot That" will be shipped  to the next photographer that will be showcased on the PhotoQuotes site.

There are some great quotes by Peter on PhotoQuotes.

We have already mailed one book to Peter Adams.

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Eddie Adams New York
Eddie Adams

Monday May 3 to Friday May 7, 2010
Now accepting applications for both photographic and multimedia Magnum Workshops in Toronto. This years workshops are taught by Stuart Franklin, Constantine Manos, Alec Soth, Chris Steele-Perkins and Alex Webb with Rebecca Norris Webb and Chien-Chi Chang. Scholarships are available for Canadian photographers. Deadline March 30th.
Photo by Alex Webb


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Dominic Rouse
Jerome photography club
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Ferhat Celik

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