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A man can watch half an hour of television and think that he's seen a civil war in Africa, the disappearing rain forests in the Amazon and genocide in Bosnia. In truth, he hasn't seen a thing. In truth, he was seated in his armchair and saw images that were presented, accelerated, slowed down and mediated by someone else. You can't learn anything passively. (...) What about still images? Can't they be just as manipulative? No, because they work at a subjective rhythm. You react to a photograph according to your own tempo. A photograph permits a first viewing, and then an individual reflection. It solicits participation, and encourages individuality in interpretation. Television is an autarchy, a dictatorship. - Oliviero Toscani - interview with Benetton pr-manager Oliviero Toscani; Newsweek, June 13, 1994

The image of how power shows itself to the public is important... CNN was an inspiration to do the project in color because power confirms itself through television... I thought it would be interesting to copy the same language (color, TV format). The large color pictures are framed in heavy wooden frames with golden plates and hung slightly higher than normal. So viewers get a sore neck watching these events, this is also the case when looking at paintings of saints in cathedrals. - Carl De Keyzer
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In the 1930’s – 40’s commercial photographers were considered the artists of their times. The scene shifted in the 1950’s – 60’s and the photojournalists who worked for Life and Look magazines were the most celebrated photographic artists. Today photojournalists are no longer in demand to tell us about the world, because TV does it with the evening news. Mass media magazines now use photographers to illustrate stories on movie stars, sports and newsmakers and are no longer the creative galleries for commercial and editorial photography. - Bill Owens, Publish Your Photo Book: A Guide to Self Publishing by Bill Owens , ISBN: 0960246207 , Page: 7
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This photographic thing has changed the entire vision of the world. It will go through every activity of humanity - science, medicine, space, ESP, for peace, against peace, entertainment, television, movies, all of them - you will not find one without photography. - Lisette Model
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To live, to experience the world, to communicate with a camera, all these are interrelated and cannot be separated from everyday live. - Edouard Boubat - from Photo by Boubat, a film for Swedish television directed by Rune Hassner [cited in: Creative Camera June 1972, p. 184]
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