An award-winning author, photographer and journalist.

In my view, a photographer is someone who photographs. Not someone who thinks about photographing, or who wants to photograph, but someone who does it, preferably day in and day out. - Frank Van Riper
You started to love making photographs after you saw the first magical results from your Brownie. Something in you resonated over the process of picture-taking the same way that riding a horse for the first time, or hitting a ball, or listening to music resonated with other people, with different joys and different inborn talents. And you kept on doing it. - Frank Van Riper
Keep this in mind the next time you are tempted to think that your creative output would be doubled if you just spent the rent money on a better camera. Better you should spend a fraction of that total on a few more photography books so you can study the images therein to better use the camera you already have. - Frank Van Riper
...looking at, studying, and absorbing good photography serves the same purpose for a beginning photographer. That is because learning the components of a good image - composition, lighting, gesture - and seeing those elements used differently over and over by different masters, makes it easier for a person to achieve the same end on his or her own over time. And there is simply is no alternative to this, no shortcut. - Frank Van Riper