Landscape Photographer from Sydney, Australia

If you stop photographing things, and start to photograph light, you will amaze yourself. - Steve Coleman
I only use one light... the sun. - Steve Coleman
Close your eyes... What do you see? - Steve Coleman
Light is my brush. Film is my canvas. - Steve Coleman
Many photographers photograph the world the way it is. I photograph the world the way I would like the world to be. - Steve Coleman
The colours of light look best when mixed with darkness. - Steve Coleman
The water rolls, the clouds move and light reflects off all it touches.
My camera stays open, recording in one image, all this movement of light.
How wonderful this world is. - Steve Coleman
The Still Image: focused, powerful, holding the thought. Concentrating the narrative for all to see and reflect on. Not to be lost in the blink of an eye. - Steve Coleman
Just walking.
Painting pictures in my mind.
Shades of light.
Shapes and textures.
The eye is drawn.
The camera drawn.
No... just walking. - Steve Coleman
Film slows me down.
I get time to think and to feel.
I like my photographs to be considered in their making. - Steve Coleman
I capture what I feel, not what I see. - Steve Coleman
I have never run a workshop,
but my first lesson would be,
let's meet by waters edge at sunrise
but leave your camera be.
Just look... and think... and feel,
now tell me, what do you see? - Steve Coleman
Photography helps me to reflect on life. - Steve Coleman
Change your perspective. - Steve Coleman
I stand watching.
I am alone, but I am not lonely.
Shifting light, textures, shades;
these are my companions. - Steve Coleman
Open your eyes and open your heart and your photography will flourish. - Steve Coleman
It can be a difficult journey to live a creative life, if you live within an environment which does not understand or value creativity. Seek-out and surround yourself with positive soul-mates. - Steve Coleman
It is all about light. - Steve Coleman
A photograph shines a light so that the world might see. - Steve Coleman
For me, a photograph needs to be poetic. - Steve Coleman
It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful this world is… yet it is so easy to miss that beauty when our lives are so busy. Photography is my way of slowing down, getting away and watching the world move more slowly. - Steve Coleman
When I use a camera, I see the world in detail. - Steve Coleman
If you see something beautiful, take a picture of it. The world needs to see more beauty. - Steve Coleman
A creative life.
It can be deep, intense and passionate.
Yet it's often not an easy life.
Here's to all creative lives. - Steve Coleman
Photography can be three steps forward, two steps back, hit a tall wall, can't go over, can't go under, three steps to the side, hit a pot hole... but isn't it fun to be creative !! Yep.. - Steve Coleman
You don't need the most expensive camera, you need great ideas. - Steve Coleman
Photograph what you see... it might be reality. Photograph what could be... that is creativity. Photograph automatically... is that what you really see? Photograph manually... you may learn to see differently. - Steve Coleman
Don't always control the making of a picture... let go. It's ok to let fate, spontaneity and chance play with you. - Steve Coleman
A photograph is captured time... So take some time to experiment with time. - Steve Coleman
Take your camera off automatic. You are the photographer. - Steve Coleman
You are the conductor ~ Your orchestra are shapes, textures, stories, objects, patterns, emotions, design, moments, depth, focus, rhythm, shades, colour, movement and light. It is your performance. It is your vision. - Steve Coleman
A photograph is your vision, held together by light. - Steve Coleman
Morning light,
Soft light,
It's colored light
But isn't bright.,
I wait and watch,
Then slowly I let my film soak up this light. - Steve Coleman
Beware of the camera with all the smart technology... It can ruin you as a photographer. - Steve Coleman
Some days I struggle to see. - Steve Coleman
Laugh, love, dream, strive, smile, feel, joy, look, try, fail, read, walk, search, share, help, work, fun, learn, retry, sweat, cry, rest, wait, fear, hope, trust, pride... when we have lived all of these, our photography might stop being a record of what our camera sees and become an expression of what we as photographers feel. - Steve Coleman
For a photographer this is a magic moment... about 45 minutes before sunrise, light is already starting to push back the dark. I open my camera and let nature paint me a picture. - Steve Coleman
To grow creatively, and grow as a person, you will often need to jump out of your 'comfort zone'. It can be scary, it's often be hard work. You may not completely understand why or what you are doing at the time. You might get criticised, but do it you must. - Steve Coleman
I like to live a creative life, with a touch of philosophy, a cup of espresso coffee and a good hoard of Velvia film... how sweet life is. - Steve Coleman
A camera exposes more than just an image. It also exposes the photographer. - Steve Coleman
Your camera will record what it sees or you can make it capture what you feel. - Steve Coleman
The water rolls, the clouds move and light reflects off all it touches. My camera stays open recording in one image all this movement of light. - Steve Coleman
Some people like to hit little white balls into holes in the ground.... I like to take photo's.... We're all a bit mad in our own way. - Steve Coleman
Your photography can touch the entire world. - Steve Coleman
The most important lessons I have learnt on the 'road' to becoming a photographer don't involve my camera. - Steve Coleman
Film is like a good bottle of wine; rich in colours and tonality with a depth of character and complexity which you just don't get from that flat 'video' look of digital. Like a good wine, film is also most enjoyable. - Steve Coleman
Too many 'photographers' are hoping to make their living through photography. While I don't wish to discourage, for some will succeed, most will not. Frustration and disappointment are not good companions to carry through life. Try your best at Plan A, but always have a Plan B and Plan C in your life. - Steve Coleman