[1922-2009] a German-American, known primarily for her black & white still life photographs.

Photography for me is a way of avoiding grown-ups, boredom and going to the laundromat. It allows me to live in another world, intensified and of my own finding. I assume the right to stare long and hard, to be blunt, loving and unselfconscious. I attempt to find a kind of poetry that eludes me in other more sober activities. It has become a continuous search with no shining end in sight except to go on trying. - Lilo Raymond
from Women of Vision: photographic statements, 1982, Unicorn Publishing House
I’m very conservative, I don’t change easily. If something works, why not use it? That’s my attitude. I was never looking for what’s new, what’s different. That has something to do with really getting serious at a more advanced age. I knew who I was, and what I liked, so I didn’t have to go through all that other stuff. - Lilo Raymond
It never occurred to me that some day somebody would honor me. What have I done? Fifty good pictures, period! - Lilo Raymond
I look at things in black and white—I say, “Oh, this might be a good picture.” I see things, and it’s absolutely in black and white, like I have some glasses on that change things. It’s awesome, it really is. - Lilo Raymond