Street photographer

Contrived photo shoots and intricately designed set-ups have never interested me, rather it is the uncertainty of street photography that continues to stimulate. The idea that I can leave the house one morning and come home at the end of the day with a photo that will be with me forever constantly drives and excites me. - Jesse Marlow
On the question: "Where do you feel most inspired?" from interview at desktopmag:
Street photography requires patience. More often than not I come home with nothing, but it’s the times that I do come home with a photo that will be with me forever, that makes it so worthwhile. Don’t feel like you have to take street photos just on city streets. Street photos can be taken anywhere… there are great street styled photos to be taken at the beach or out in the countryside. Street photography is about searching, finding and reacting... - Jesse Marlow
On the question: "Do you have any advice for fellow photographers wanting to make a name for themselves in the street photography arena?" from interview at desktopmag: