It’s taken a while to find my own style, a lot of experimenting and a lot of dead cameras. A lot of my mates are musicians or adventurers, so I end up on adventures with them and the most uninhibited people and best light is at dawn.. My friend pointed out that a lot of my best pictures are the ones where I don’t almost end up killing myself so I’m taking that on board! So no more lessons in how to almost get beaten up by 10 Somalis for taking an unwanted picture or searching for that legendary angle that has felled many a photographer before. - David Richardson
..Romance is not just beaming faces and sweaty panting. It’s past all that. In a photography sense what appeals to me is the expressions and body language that people give out when they’re not aware of anything else in the world. When they’re probably not even aware of anybody but themselves and are lost there. - David Richardson
Photography is about the story outside of a photograph. - David Richardson
On the question: "What is photography for you?" - From an interview on lomography.com: http://www.lomography.com/magazine/lifestyle/2010/07/26/top-10-interview-with-a-photographer-series-david-richardson
I have always photographed loneliness because that is my life. - David Richardson