[1926 -1971] British war photojournalist

I am very happy with the equipment I have. All I need is time and patience to use it to the fullest degree, plus God on my side to help with the lighting problems – to move the sun, the moon and the stars to the positions of my choice. - Larry Burrows
Source: Popular Photography, August 2007
Do I have the right to carry on working and leave a man suffering? To my mind, the answer is no, you have got to help him... You cannot go through these elements without, obviously feeling something yourself—you cannot be mercenary in this way because it will make you less of a photographer... - Larry Burrows
You can’t photograph bullets flying through the air, so it must be the wounded, or people running with ammunition, and the expressions on their faces. - Larry Burrows
Sorry if my captioning is not up to standard but with all that sniper fire around I didn’t dare wave a white notebook. - Larry Burrows
l will do what is required to show what is happening. I have a sense of the ultimate death. And sometimes I must say "To hell with that." - Larry Burrows