[b. 1947] British artist, curator and teacher

In many ways I am indifferent to photography. And I certainly didn't come to it through a love of photographs. I do know a gorgeous black and a good bit of printing, and lush paper, and good depth of field. I know what those parameters are and I am wary that my photographs can be on the edge of gorgeousness. It's really important that they feel prosaic, but also that they can just do that little bit more. I don't get precious about pictures I have taken. It's not the first time people have taken pictures of this stuff or dealt with it. What's more important is how it connects and how to deal with a bigger narrative. That is why I demote the individual image. The images are like fruits, Taking the picture is a bit like harvesting or picking (and the city is a kind of orchard from which I pick or snap). - Richard Wentworth