[b. 1977] American photographer

When it comes to photography and making a photo that I'm happy with, it's all about excess. Shooting and shooting and shooting, and the subject doing the action over and over and over. - Ryan McGinley
Everyone kind of starts out shooting black-and-white photos, or shooting their food, or taking photos of their family, or doing a documentary project. You start to do all these things and then you start to check off stuff that you don't like. For me, I realized that [l liked taking photos of] the people I identified with—artists who were sort of antiauthority and came out of a skateboarding scene.... I later realized that I loved movement, which comes from my skateboarding and snowboarding background. I also loved dancing and I loved going out and partying, so l try to incorporate that feeling—people moving like they're on a dance floor—into my work. - Ryan McGinley