[b. 1973] American photojournalist

People are aware of the power of a camera, and this instinctively makes most subjects uncomfortable and stiff. But Bebeto taught me to linger in a place long enough, without photographing, so that people grew comfortable with me and the camera’s presence. - Lynsey Addario
When I was behind a camera, it was the only place in the world I wanted to be. - Lynsey Addario
I choose to live in peace and witness war—to experience the worst in people but to remember the beauty. - Lynsey Addario
I found that the camera was a comforting companion. It opened up new worlds, and gave me access to people’s most intimate moments. - Lynsey Addario
Photography has shaped the way I look at the world; it has taught me to look beyond myself and capture the world outside. - Lynsey Addario
I became fascinated by the notion of dispelling stereotypes or misconceptions through photography, of presenting the counterintuitive. - Lynsey Addario