[1900 – 1992] American photographer

Light is the shape and play of my thought.... my reason for being a photographer. - Barbara Morgan
If you just click the shutter, you are stealing from reality ! I can’t be a thief ! I must create ! - Barbara Morgan
1925 [Barbara Morgan "Photomontage" (Introduction), Morgan & Morgan, Inc., Dobbs Ferry, New York 1980]
Movement of contemporary life cannot be thought of without the machine. Our viewpoint is through a windshield, through reflected images on plate glass, blurred snatches through an elevator door. We watch quilted land patterns slowly shift far below our propeller blur, and the vibrating wing tip. Time is cogged, margins are tightened, spirit is pressured. Pavement is a child’s backyard and the moon is less familiar than a street lamp. If it takes a thief to catch a thief, the camera is the machine to catch the machine age... - Barbara Morgan
from “Kinetic Design in Photography,” Aperture vol. 1, no. 4,1953