[b. 1975] Nigerian-American writer, photographer, and art historian

Images make us think of other images. Photographs remind us of other photographs, and perhaps only the earliest photographs had a chance to evade this fate. - Teju Cole
Most photographs are not interesting. Then a strange one turns up, a real winner, and it is difficult to pin its strangeness down. - Teju Cole
A picture of something terrible will always be caught between two worlds: the world of “something terrible,” which might shock us or move us to a moral response, and the world of “a picture,” which generates an aesthetic response. The dazzle of art and the bitterness of life are yoked to each other. There is no escape. - Teju Cole
A photograph can’t help taming what it shows. - Teju Cole
All images, regardless of the date of their creation, exist simultaneously and are pressed into service to help us make sense of other images. - Teju Cole