It is either there, or it is not. - Priscilla Ferguson-Forthman
This means to stop pretending and to stop making excuses for what you wish were there, for what you felt at the time, and for what is not in the photograph. The "it" must be present in the subject to be in the photograph. So, it's either there, or it's not. Period. Only trouble is, how do you know what the hell "it" is? Especially if you've never seen it before? This is my big insight after the first ten years of trying to find out exactly what constitutes a still photograph. Sometimes simple propositions have the most profound implications.
You have the tools, the materials, the sometimes gorgeous light, the beginnings of a subject calling you. You can begin taking terrific photographs anytime you are ready. So why aren't you ready? What is holding you back? We are all using the same, or similar have the skills...what are you waiting for? Permission? You have permission. - Priscilla Ferguson-Forthman
The entire visual world is an incredibly interesting place. If that is not sufficient "subject" for you, then I propose that you are in a 'world' of trouble, and had best get out while you can, because this game (of photography) is not for you. - Priscilla Ferguson-Forthman
For the student who constantly complains that there isn't anything to "take pictures of".
There are no minor leagues in photography. Your pictures are either as good as the greats, or they're not. Period. (and welcome to the big show) - Priscilla Ferguson-Forthman
[a reference to baseball in America ]
The camera is a most fantastic drawing instrument, like a pencil on steroids - Priscilla Ferguson-Forthman