Photography is like fishing. You go out in the morning with no idea of what the trip will bring. Sometimes luck is on your side and all your crab pots are full of prime Lobsters. Other times you get nothing. - Bob Croxford , From Cornwall With Love by Bob Croxford
...Technique is a matter of individual preferences. It bores me. I am only interested in results. However I do offer a few guiding rules of photography.
1/ My essential equipment includes an alarm clock towake up early and a compass to find where the sun is going to be. I also have a small double pointed quartz crystal which sits in my camera bag with the exposed film and helps to increase sharpness!
2/ The best light occurs when I am stuck in the office with the VAT man or have left my camera at home.
3/ If I wait for perfect conditions someone will park a truck in the view.
4/ The most I have waited in the rain for conditions to improve was five days. The picture wasn't worth waiting for and isn't in this book.
5/ Having walked for miles for a good picture I often find the best photo when I return is right next to my car. The only problem beeing that I've parked right in the middle of the view.
6/ Nothing is repeatable especially the light.
7/ Those pictures which require the most perspiration and imagination to take are always the ones that look the easiest.
8/ Don't run out of film. - Bob Croxford , From Cornwall With Love by Bob Croxford