[b. 1962] French photographer

I have constraints that are much stronger than any journalist ethics. For me, morals and style are one. - Luc Delahaye
Show it for what, to change what, there is no change, you can photograph what you want, it won't change anything. The maximum it can do you know, is to make people realize how it was but it is not going to change the condition of the people you photograph. - Luc Delahaye
I want to show the event at the very moment it takes place.... My body must be anchored to the ground and seek the best point of view, without any visual taboos. But then, at the heart of the event, my effort is to disappear, I introduce a distance that borders on indifference. - Luc Delahaye
The denunciation of suffering by photography has replaced the religious justification of suffering in painting. Denunciation is a function of photojournalism, and in itself that’s a step in the right direction. - Luc Delahaye
I was twenty when I discovered war and photography. I can’t say that I wanted to bear witness and change the world. I had no good moral reasons: I just loved adventure, I loved the poetry of war, the poetry of chaos, and I found that there was a kind of grace in weaving between the bullets. - Luc Delahaye
What you want to be is a poet…. To voice the real and at the same time create an image that is a world in itself, with its own coherence, its autonomy and sovereignty; an image that thinks. - Luc Delahaye
There is something beautiful about photography; it allows the self to be reunited with the world. - Luc Delahaye
There is the refusal of style and the refusal of sentimentalism, there is this desire for clarity... - Luc Delahaye
Being an artist is nothing, or at least, not enough; what you want is to be a poet. - Luc Delahaye
If an image is powerful enough, if it resists us, if, by its obscure coherence, part of it escapes our understanding, then it means that something has been won from reality. - Luc Delahaye
I am cold and detached, sufficiently invisible because sufficiently insignificant, and that is how I arrive at a full presence to things, and a simple and direct relation to the real. That idea, in my work, is central. - Luc Delahaye
About ten years ago I asked myself extremely simple questions: What is photography? What is a camera exactly? What happens when it is left on its own? - Luc Delahaye
I consider the act of taking pictures as an artistic performance in itself: a sum of movements, which have no finality other than their own perfection. I am the only viewer of this part. The consequence is “being there,” fully and simply, without affects or emotions. - Luc Delahaye