[b. 1959] Dutch photographer

I don’t need to know anything about the people I photograph, but it’s important that I recognize something about myself in them. - Rineke Dijkstra , Collector's edition of Life, the Eisie Issue , Page: 109
A photograph works best when the formal aspects such as light, colour and composition, as well as the informal aspects like someone's gaze or gesture, come together. In my pictures I also look for a sense of stillness and serenity. - Rineke Dijkstra
From the book: Photography Masterclass: Creative Techniques of 100 Great Photographers [Paul Lowe] foreword by Simon Norfolk
It’s like Diane Arbus said, you are looking for the “gap between intention and effect.” People think that they present themselves one way, but they cannot help but show something else as well. It’s impossible to have everything under control. - Rineke Dijkstra
I am interested in the paradox between identity and uniformity, in the power and vulnerability of each individual and each group. It is in this paradox that I try to visualize by concentrating on poses, attitudes, gestures, and gazes. - Rineke Dijkstra
I felt that the beach portraits were all self-portraits. That moment of unease, that attempt to find a pose, it was all about me. - Rineke Dijkstra
A photo is always a kind of lie. Truth is only present for a matter of a fraction of a second. - Rineke Dijkstra
For me it is essential to understand that everyone is alone. Not in the sense of loneliness, but rather in the sense that no one can completely understand someone else. I know very well what Diane Arbus means when she says that one cannot crawl into someone else’s skin, but there is always an urge to do so anyway. I want to awaken definite sympathies for the person I have photographed. - Rineke Dijkstra
I am looking for a kind of purity, something essential from human beings... I believe in a sort of magic. - Rineke Dijkstra
I do think that my work has gotten calmer, and that the violence of some of the earlier series was necessary to reach the higher degree of concentration in the later ones. - Rineke Dijkstra
For me, the importance of photography is that you can point to something, that you can let other people see things. Ultimately, it is a matter of the specialness of the ordinary. - Rineke Dijkstra
As a photographer you enlarge or emphasize a certain moment, making it another reality. - Rineke Dijkstra
Interested in photographing people at moments when they had dropped all pretence of a pose... I've never explicitly sought vulnerability; it's more a search for something roughly present but still barely defined in their personalities. - Rineke Dijkstra