Photography is a medium to capture memories, when memory grows into sublime, photography becomes art. - Kamir
What Photography means to me: I believe in doubt as an essential tool for an effective search of that which, if it may not be called truth, of truth may be a fair approximation. A search that brings about a continuous change of perspective and that transforms the moment, by nature weak and fragile, into an extraordinary building element of a conscious existence. The change and the revolution of thought, of the basic view of life, its continuous refinement, its incessant updating and growth in values, are indelebly fixed in a photographic image. A fragile, almost intangible, support, which shyly confronts the power of the flow of time, representing for all time that which shall never be for all time: the moment.

A revolutionary technique of expression because it relates to time in an absolutely special way; the image, with its multiple meanings, can only be found if it exists in the phographer before it is fixed on film and must then be reconquered when it becomes an image to look at. A search within a search, a continuous collection of moments for the moment which in the photographic moment will be fixed forever. - Kamir