Photography are not just a commodity - like a magazine or one's morning cup of coffee - any more than the people in the photos, or the people who picked the coffee beans are. Editors are very nervous about publishing serious stories when they are really only interested in selling underarm deodorant for their sponsors, or coffee. 'Revolutionary' has become an adjective for computer software, and 'peace' is owning a villa in Mexico. However, photojournalism has its tremendous rewards and it's wonderful work. In what other work can you wander aimlessly with a camera around your neck, armed only with your personal interest and your eyes? - Larry Towell , World Press Photo 1994 , ISBN: 0500974128 , Page: 9
Poetry is my first love. Photography often fail to look into things. It looks at things. Poetry is so much more truthful. - Larry Towell , Collector's edition of Life, the Eisie Issue , Page: 106
Photography has many similarities with poetry. There's not a strong relationship between the disciplines, but there is a tight one between the sensibilities. Black and white is minimalist. Poetry is just literature with the water squeezed out of it and good literature is just journalism that doesn't grow old. This says a lotto me about what makes good photojournalism. - Larry Towell
If there's one theme that connects all my work, I think it's that of land-lessness; how land makes people into who they are and what happens to them when they lose it and thus lose their identities. - Larry Towell