I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn. - Pablo Picasso
Now at least we know everything that painting isn't. - Pablo Picasso
in answer to whether painting figures was still possible after photography, cinema, etc.
There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thank to their art and their intelligence transform the yellow spot into the sun. - Pablo Picasso
Two of the most frustrated trades are dentists and photographers- dentists because they want to be doctors, and photographers because they want to be painters. - Pablo Picasso
In every photographer there was a painter, a true artist, awaiting expression. - Pablo Picasso
When you begin a picture you often make some pretty discoveries. You must be on guard against these. Destroy the thing, do it over several times. In each destroying of a beautiful discovery, the artist does not really suppress it, but rather condenses it, makes it more substantial. What comes out in the end is the result of discarded finds. Otherwise you become your own connoisseur. - Pablo Picasso