I have been photographing out there [the American West ] for eleven years and I have found that I could go back to all the same places I had worked before with a pinhole. It was as if I was photographing in a completely different world. It seems almost as if the pinhole camera takes you beneath the surface of realityas we know it into another dimension, another place..... The whole convergence of light to the center was a fascinating concept to me and the whole idea of a passageway going to a different place, different reality -it all seems to have mystical overtones for me. I’m not really sure where I’m going with it. It was really good for me to leave the whole idea of the control that I was exerting over my photography through the 8” x 10.” I felt in some cases I got tired of that control, I wanted to let go of some of it. I found that pinhole photography has freed me to a great degree. Whether I stay with pinhole or go back to lenses some day, pinhole has forever altered the way I see the world. - Douglas Frank
Interview in Pinhole Journal, 1991