[b. 1939] American photographer. The first female photographer to collaborate with the Vogue magazine.

Photographers are often transformed by their own work. They should look at themselves every now and again to make sure they haven't become some kind of beast. If they have, they should understand they still have to look at that beast in the mirror every day. - Sheila Metzner
The photograph is something, in its highest form that I am giving for my effort. It is not something that I take. And then after I bring it back, develop it, print it, look at it, experience it again, I submit my experience to life. I give it back to the world, it came from. Light into darkness. Darkness into Light. - Sheila Metzner , Photography Speaks II : 76 Photographers on Their Art by Brooks Johnson (Editor), Chrysler Museum , ISBN: 0893816523 , Page: 116
Photography is still the most basic form of magic. Caught in my ‘box of darkness’, the image becomes immortal. - Sheila Metzner
From the book: "A few of the legends" by Peter Adams.