[1923 – 2007] American photographer

Photography is a holding together of opposites: Light and dark, beautiful and ugly, sublime and banal, concious and unconcious. I am still struck by the power of photography to strip away the bark of the mind and reveal the visceral workings underneath. - Jack Welpott
Portrait photography is an experience between two human beings, an experience shared with the viewer through the resulting photograph. If the moment was charged with feeling the image can be personal and revealing. - Jack Welpott , Women & Other Visions by Judy Dater, Jack Welpott , ISBN: 0871001020
Part of the fascination that photography holds is its ability to unlock secrets kept even from ourselves. Like dreams, the photograph can uncork a heady bouquet of recognition which can escape into the cognitive world. Sometimes the aroma is sharp; sometimes dry. This "shock of recognition" can be, at times, unsettling – it can also be sublime. The expressive portrait can do these things. - Jack Welpott , Women & Other Visions by Judy Dater, Jack Welpott , ISBN: 0871001020
...to make a photograph as honestly as one can generates an artifact that bears witness to one’s personal truth. - Jack Welpott
I went through a long period when I thought my photographs were not visible—on the wall, but not visible. - Jack Welpott
When I’m working behind a camera, I feel like I’m trying to achieve something like a jazz musician does. - Jack Welpott
Photography ruins marriages, and I’ve been married three times—so there’s a downside to it as well. - Jack Welpott
In my view, photography and painting really share one history. The influences that work on one, work on the other. - Jack Welpott