[1892 – 1965] Hungarian-born American photographer

Though most of my pictures were made of professionals -- I mean professionals in one sense or another--stage, writing, or magazine people...-- my job was to put them at ease in a friendly atmosphere....Not only must [the photographer] please the sitter but the sitter’s family and also [fulfill] the purpose for which the picture was taken. Much of this knowledge was accumulated by practicing and employing a point of view that will accomplish results--without it [photography] becomes merely copying a person’s outward physiognomy without including in the picture the mood, the character, the intelligence, the beauty, and affectionate front which is known to friends, the family... the publisher, manager, and the editor who gives you assignments. - Nickolas Muray
Photography, fortunately, to me has not only been a profession but also a contact between people - to understand human nature and record, if possible, the best in each individual. - Nickolas Muray