[1853 - 1945] English photographer

Photography is Photography; And in it's purity and innocence is far too uniquely, valuable and beautiful to be spoilt by making it imitate something else. - Frederick Henry Evans
It is a machine, when a machine controls it. - Frederick Henry Evans
Frederick Evans on the pianola and the camera, defending both as a form of art.
The unwise, those who refuse to learn from the study of exhibited work, and who are unable to learn by practical experience, say that though photography may have its art aspects and value, yet it can never hope to attain to a very high place, as its sense of personality, its obedience to individuality, is so limited. Give half a dozen men the same camera, lenses and plates, and send them to the same place to do the same thing, and all the results will be alike, or so nearly alike as to reveal the real mechanicalness of photography. Yet, curiously enough, this is just one of the most difficult things a photographer can be set to do, to exactly repeat himself, or another. He may use the identical apparatus, know the subject perfectly, and yet be totally unable to bring away an exact replica. - Frederick Henry Evans
Camera Work 25, 1909 [cited in: Alfred Stieglitz "Camera Work (The Complete Illustrations 1903 – 1917)", Benedikt Taschen Verlag GmbH, Köln, 1997, p. 455]