[1895-1988] American

The medium of photography adapts itself to whoever you are. - Nell Dorr
My picture-taking and picture-making are as different as day and night. I take my pictures quite unconsciously. I see them in my mind and. . . it is done without thinking. I feel the exposure. My only concern is to be ready for that moment of truth, always ready to grasp it quickly before it's gone, or to wait patiently until that split-second when it appears. - Nell Dorr
There are as many photographs possible from a single negative as the artist can imagine. I can never bear to finish with a negative, to say, 'This is it.' Tomorrow I can come and make new pictures from that negative. This is the thing I love most of all: the making of the final picture. No one else can do that for me, nor do I ever completely satisfy myself. - Nell Dorr
A day is remembered for itself and the picture is all that we finally keep. - Nell Dorr
Without the one thing, beauty, I think I could not endure to live. With it, I can endure all. I find it equally in joy and in sorrow. In the greatest of each, in birth and in death, I find an almost unbearable beauty... - Nell Dorr