Many people ask me why I am always carrying my cameras, or ask me why I am taking pictures. I often ask them, "Why do you eat?" - James Lalropui Keivom
It's weird that photographers spend years or even a whole lifetime, trying to capture moments that added together, don't even amount to a couple of hours. (I think based on 100,000 shots*(1/125s)= 800s = 13.3min?) - James Lalropui Keivom
One has to give a part of themselves to the people they are photographing. It's not just a one way street. I learned that one has to break into a situation without fear, and with confidence, or the people will know it and the situation changes for the worse. I got into places many photographers never did, because I smiled a lot, respected their culture and showed I meant no harm. I never had a problem. As William Albert Allard said, subjects can see right through you, so don't try to BS. - James Lalropui Keivom
I feel that photography is becoming like T.V. Many people just want a graphic, easy image. My teacher said that a photo must communicate in less than 5 seconds, the amount of time people look at photos. However, this practice often leaves the "quiet pictures"(according to William Albert Allard) and "the second lookers" (according to Dorothea Lange) out in the cold. To me, "quiet pictures" are like crossword puzzles. But some people do not like crossword puzzles because they it forces them to think. - James Lalropui Keivom