[1798 – 1863] was the most important of the French Romantic painters

As far as I am concerned, I can only say how much I regret such an admirable discovery should have come so late ! The possibility of studying such images would have had an influence on me that I can only guess at from the usefulness which they have now, even in the little time left me for more intensive study. It is the tangible proof of nature’s own design, which we otherwise see only very feebly. - Eugene Delacroix
quoted in "French Primitive Photography", Philadelphia 1969[cited in "From today painting is dead – The Beginnings of Photography" (catalogue of exhibition in The Victoria & Albert Museum 16 March – 14 May 1972 p. 48), caption to item no. 532 showing photographs of nude models taken from an album belonging to Delacroix. The models are said to be in poses arranged by Delacroix.]
If a man of genius uses daguerreotype as it ought to be used, he will raise himself to heights unknown to us… - Eugene Delacroix
1853 (quoted in the Introduction to “Victorian Erotic Photography”) [cited in: “Creative Camera” April 1974, p. 123]