One picture is worth a thousand words. - Anonymous
A picture is worth a thousand words; a slide show is both. - Anonymous
'Demented Thoughts', (c) 1992-1996 Warren Young.
The brilliancy and sharpness of some of them are highly remarkable. - Anonymous
Anonymous comment about Matthew Brady's work.
A photograph can be as striking and as haunting as a great painting or a fine poem. - Anonymous
Handbook annual, 1988.
The ultimate photgraphic camera will imprint a scene directly into a person's memory. - Anonymous
If you saw a man drowning and you could either save him or photograph the event...what kind of film would you use? - Anonymous
It's not the camera, but who's behind the camera. - Anonymous
Photography teaches that how well you see has nothing to do with how well you see. - Anonymous
If you can't make it better make it bigger. - Anonymous
Once photography enters your bloodstream, it's like a disease. - Anonymous
The only reason to do your own processing is quality. - Anonymous
Never show a customer two prints of different density. He will ask you to print a third with a density between the two. - Anonymous
The camera cannot lie, but it cannot help being selective. - Anonymous
Every time someone tells me how sharp my photos are, I assume that it isn't a very interesting photograph. If it was, they would have more to say. - Anonymous
One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photo out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photo out of focus are a style. - Anonymous
The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer. - Anonymous
When you use a camera, not as a machine but as an extension of your heart, you become one with your subject. - Anonymous
The type of photographs you make, the subjects you single out, reveal the person inside of you. How close you get to your subjects reveals how close you want to get. - Anonymous
Don't ever forget how alien a machine over a person's face appears. A photographer must be sensitive and caring so the mechanical act of recording light images is secondary to the union of spirit with the subject. - Anonymous
That a horse rushing along at the rate of a mile in one and two thirds of a minute (more than 17 yards in a second) should be seized by photographic art so as to show every limb well and clearly delineated would have seemed wonderful indeed to the early professors of that art. - Anonymous
Editor, Knowledge, April 14, 1882
Here, in truth, is a discovery launched upon the world, that must make a revolution in what way, in what degree will art be affected by it? - Anonymous
The New Yorker, April 20, 1839
Everything I take a picture of, I try to think of it as a new invention for someone to see. If it comes out perfect it is because I put my heart into it. And if the viewer likes it, it is because his or her heart and emotions accepted it. - Anonymous
I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it. And by seeing we also begin to understand ourselves. - Anonymous
When we care, we will not forget. The picture in our head or the vivid printed picture will remind us. Without care, we would not remember, only see. - Anonymous
Pictures always should have a special story behind it or a special meaning to the photographer. - Anonymous
Pictures hold life's experiences. And I feel that with every experience you learn something. Therefore, you learn something with every picture you take. - Anonymous
A photograph must say: "Here is what these people are like now." - Anonymous
When I walk around my little world I observe the oddities, the fun of life in the middle of harsh reality. I think one can laugh in pain. Maybe this is what we need to pull us out of the absurdity of it all. I always thought how strange it is that one can find beauty even in the most horrible images. I care for what I photograph. I make love with my eyes through the viewfinder. I caress the image on that piece of paper as it appears like magic, a ray of light emerging from total darkness. - Anonymous
Good photographs are seen in the mind's eye before the shutter is tripped, but they are made in the darkroom. For it is the final stage of photography -in the production of negative and print- that the creative vision is realized in a picture meant to be looked at, admired, perhaps honoured. - Anonymous , The Print: The LIFE Library of Photography by Editors
We capture your memories forever. - Anonymous
Eastman Kodak slogan
Love for photography. Eat sleep and breathe it. Become a photograph. - Anonymous
Canon slogan 1989
The pictures you want tomorrow, you have to take today. - Anonymous
Kodak advertisement
Life is fun. You've got the picture to prove it. - Anonymous
Pentax advertisement
You don't take a photography. You ask, quietly, to borrow it. - Anonymous
Pentax advertisement
A definition of a professional photographer: A "pro" NEVER shows anybody the mistakes. - Anonymous
John Sheckler, a former photographer for the Standard Times in New Bedford, Massachusetts, said this when asked how many photographers does it take to screw in a light bulb. - "Only one. However, it takes two editors and three reporters to decide if the bulb should be turned clockwise or counter clockwise or just shoved in." - Anonymous
How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb? 50. One to change the bulb, and forty-nine to say, "I could have done that!" - Anonymous
When Jack London had his portrait made by the noted San Francisco photographer Arnold Genthe, London began the encounter with effusive praise for the photographic art of his friend and fellow bohemian, Genthe. "you must have a wonderful camera...It must be the best camera in the world...You must show me your camera." Genthe then used his standard studio camera to make what has since become a classic picture of Jack London. When the sitting was finished, Genthe could not contain himself: "I have read your books, Jack, and I think they are important works of art. You must have a wonderful typewriter." - Anonymous
Since that was your last flashbulb, shouldn't you have loaded the film before taking the picture? - Anonymous
First Person : "Is that camera fully automatic?" Second Person : "No. You have to take the film to the chemist!" - Anonymous
A photographer from a well know national magazine was assigned to cover the fires at Yellowstone National Park. The magazine wanted to show some of the heroic work of the fire fighters as they battled the blaze. When the photographer arrived, he realized that the smoke was so thick that it would seriously impede or make it impossible for him to photograph anything from ground level. He requested permission to rent a plane and take photos from the air. His request was approved and arrangements were made. He was told to report to a nearby airport where a plane would be waiting for him. He arrived at the airport and saw a plane warming up near the gate. He jumped in with his bag and shouted, "Let's go!'' The pilot swung the little plane into the wind, and within minutes they were in the air. The photographer said, "Fly over the park and make two or three low passes so I can take some pictures." "Why?" asked the pilot. "Because I am a photographer," he responded, "and photographers take photographs." The pilot was silent for a moment; finally he stammered, "You mean you're not the flight instructor?" - Anonymous
If an old man asks a young girl for a date...
That's his business.
If the young girl accepts...
That's her business.
If the old man and the girl decide to marry...
That's their business.
However, if they want great wedding photographs...
THAT'S MY BUSINESS!!! - Anonymous
- sign on studio wall
I used to have a photographic memory, but it was never developed. - Anonymous
Synonym for the word “photographer” shooter, camera bug, lensmen, lenswomen, send out a camera. - Anonymous , Professional photographer's survival guide by Charles E. Rotkin , ISBN: 0817454098 , Page: 4
A photographer is like a fish, he lays thousands of eggs hoping that one will grow to maturity - Anonymous
A photograph is worth a thousand words - but which thousand words? - Anonymous
Documentary is: A depiction of the real world by a photographer whose intent is to communicate something of importance - to make a comment - that will be understood by the viewer. - Anonymous , Multiple Views : Logan Grant Essays on Photography, 1983-89 by Daniel P. Younger , ISBN: 0826312446
Life Library of Photography
To see, to record and to comment. The essence of documentary is the communication not of imagined things but of real things only. - Anonymous
Photography ...a powerful weapon in awakening the social conscience. - Anonymous , A Concise History of Photography by Helmut Gernsheim , ISBN: 0486251284 , Page: 257
Photographic portraiture is the best feature of the Fine Arts for the million {sic} that the ingenuity of man has yet devised. It has in this sense swept away many of the illiberal distinctions of rank and wealth, so that the poor man who possesses but a few shillings can command as perfect a lifelike portrait of his wife or child as Sir Thomas Lawrence painted for the most distinguished Sovereigns of Europe. - Anonymous , A Concise History of Photography by Helmut Gernsheim , ISBN: 0486251284 , Page: 119
Editorial, The Photographic News, London, 1861
I always considered a still camera to be the equivalent of a single shot rifle. You either get the timing right or you don't. A motor will only record the useless shots on either side of the bell jar. - Anonymous
Photography is a medium that captures a specific event at a specific time in a specific space. - Anonymous
..If you are just shooting the passing scene people don't care. "Grab" shots tend to look like a sneak took them. Eye contact makes all the difference in a good image. You are the exploiter - it isn't called "taking pictures" for nothing. - Anonymous
Learn from the mistakes of others, because you won't have time to make them all yourself. - Anonymous
Chinese proverb
What is the most important element of photojournalism: Light? Moment? Composition? You are wrong. - It's magic. - Anonymous
Success is what happens when 10,000 hours of preparation meet with one moment of opportunity. - Anonymous
A friend of mine who teaches film-making at a well-known school was approached by a noted brain surgeon who asked that he be given a two-week crash course in film-making because of a film he wanted to produce. “Okay,” my friend said, but I won’t charge you for the course if you’ll swap me a two-week course in brain surgery. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. - Anonymous , Professional photographer's survival guide by Charles E. Rotkin , ISBN: 0817454098 , Page: 11
[Win Parks] was really alive only when he was looking through the lens. He existed in a world of fantasy, whether before such fairy castles as this Islamic mosque in Istanbul, or anywhere. The colors he loved most were soft ones. He lived and breathed through a camera, and preferred muted days.. - Anonymous
A recollection about Win Parks; Winfield Parks - "Enthusiasm is the key."
Photography was once described as painting with light. - Anonymous
I've noticed in my photography that I do a lot better when I'm on vacation. I'm more relaxed and true to my own senses. I really think that's the only route to pure happiness. Letting go of rules. - Anonymous
I enjoy photography, that's why I do it. If you are taking pictures you are not enjoying, don't take them. If you are stuck behind the camera and would rather stop taking pictures and play; go play. - Anonymous
It is best that a photographer not simply take a picture. A photographer has a responsibility to share a visual experience with others by every possible means. - Anonymous
A tear contains an ocean. A photographer is aware of the tiny moments in a person's life that reveal greater truths. - Anonymous
A photographer strives to be fully aware of every moment and to be one with all others every moment. - Anonymous
A shutter only clicks quickly after a sensitive heart has felt the subject a long time. - Anonymous
Once you learn to care, you can record images with your mind or on film. There is no difference between the two. - Anonymous
That which matters most is more than f-stops and lenses, more than pens and papers, more than notes and strings, more than knives and clay. That which matters most is a child's laugh, a lover's hug, an open heart. - Anonymous
Through photojournalism you learn that all persons are teachers. - Anonymous
The truth is in all things. Weston found truth in a bed pan. - Anonymous
Mass journalism has trained us to glance, and the big money photographers have made themselves masters of the craft of the quick impression. For a photographer like Lange, the problem of the viewer's glancing is especially grave. She avoids technical tricks. She seldom arranges her subjects, and when she does, she does it openly: she has the people look at the camera so that the viewer realizes they are "having their picture taken. - Anonymous
Photographers are like the wolves in the wild whose presence slips silently into the background. These journalists record the events as observers, marking them for history. - Anonymous
Only photographers know what a truly dark room or a truly windless day are. - Anonymous
f8 and being there. - Anonymous
The most important printing technique is to start with a perfect negative. - Anonymous
I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn't that good. - Anonymous
You sure got alot of nice equipment,lets see your pictures. - Anonymous
A photo no longer tells the truth. It suggests just one possibilty. - Anonymous
Photokina 2000
When I make a photograph, I make love. - Anonymous staring at an anonymous nineteenth-century sepia photograph you pick up in a junk store, wondering at the face looking out at you from under the funny hairdo. To ask who she is hopeless now because all the connections, every friend, every relative, even every acquaintance is dead and gone. - Anonymous
Shooting stills creates a kid-like curiosity - you begin to see everyday things in new ways. It's way too much fun and should be illegal. - Anonymous
The amateur is, presumably, a man of more cultivated education and greater leisure than the professional photographer, and may reasonably be expected to have a keener sense of the aesthetic principles, and a more educated knowledge of the history and science of art than his professional brother - better skilled though the latter may be in the technique of his art. - Anonymous
An article appearing in "Amateur Photographer", 27 March 1885
My camera has helped to give me insight to truth. It has helped me to understand that change is wonderful and beneficial. - Anonymous
Some photographs make a statement others ask a question. Some people like the obvious others like ambiguity. Both types of images and both types of people are correct, just different. - Anonymous
A camera is a hollow tube that allows free-flowing, inward and outward expressions of love between a photographer and a subject. - Anonymous
There are three phases to awareness: to look, to see, and to perceive. A camera looks. A mind sees. A heart perceives. - Anonymous
What she [Dorothea Lange] wants most is to see the subject here and now in such a way as to say something about the world. - Anonymous
T'isn't the camera at all, 'tis the fella behind the camera. - Anonymous
Now smile and say fromage. - Anonymous
Stop babbling and just take good pictures. - Anonymous
Don't worry, I'll fix it in the enlarger. - Anonymous
Take off the lens cap, stupid. - Anonymous
In the end, better pictures always win. It's only a question of who has them. - Anonymous
Have the time of your life but be careful who sees the negatives. - Anonymous
"How to Take Great Photographs - and What to do If You're Caught."
I think that when the subject allows the photographer to accompany him/her and witness all his/her private moments, the photographer should give something in return. I see it like a contract where the photographer has to pay the price for being allowed the life of the subject. - Anonymous
A photographer does not operate a camera in order to merely take pictures. Photographic work is always personal. A photograph reveals the photographer. - Anonymous
By knowing a person, you know yourself. You become the person you photograph. You love that person as you love yourself. - Anonymous
Through constant practice you will become so skilled technically that you will no longer need to think consciously of the camera's operation. At that point you will break the machine wall between you and the person photographed. - Anonymous
You do not think of your feet when you walk. Likewise, become so accustomed to your camera that its function becomes an extension of yourself. - Anonymous
A photograph is just a picture if it doesn't say anything. - Anonymous
If you can't make a great photograph of a mundane subject, at least make a mundane photograph of a great subject! - Anonymous
an old photographic maxim
Amateurs talk about equipment. Professionals talk about photos. - Anonymous
Photographers see the world in only fractions of a second. - Anonymous
The quickest way to make money at photography is to sell your camera. - Anonymous
Tourists are terrorists with cameras. Terrorists are tourists with guns. - Anonymous
The weight of words. The shock of photos. - Anonymous
Paris-Match, advertisement.
In photography, the biggest difference between an amateur and a professional is... the size of the wastebasket. - Anonymous
The pictures you want tomorrow, you have to take today. - Anonymous
Kodak advertisement
We capture your memories forever. - Anonymous
Eastman Kodak slogan
Kodak means photography with bother left out. - Anonymous
Kodak slogan 1909
Love for photography. Eat sleep and breathe it. Become a photograph. - Anonymous
Canon slogan 1989
We take pictures to record our personal vision of the world. - Anonymous
Nikon slogan
MINOLTA - When you are the camera and the camera is you. - Anonymous
Life is fun. You’ve got the picture to prove it. - Anonymous
Pentax advertisement
You don’t take a photography. You ask, quietly, to borrow it. - Anonymous
Pentax advertisement
You’ll remember a great image for the rest of your life. - Anonymous
Nikon advertisement
You press the button and we do the rest. - Anonymous
Kodak advertisement
In a true artist the work is the life. There are those who learn what they can do well and then do only that, but she [Dorothea Lange] could never be satisfied that she had seen all there was for her to see. - Anonymous
If you did manage to get any good shots, they will be ruined when someone inadvertently opens the darkroom door and all of the dark leaks out. - Anonymous
- Murphy's Law on Photography, The Third Law of Photography
A great photo happens when a photographer sees a situation unfolding in front of them that evokes an emotion that the photographer feels deep down, in the middle of their chest. And in a split second, they then make a conscience choice of exposure, lens, depth of field, lighting, body language, composition, etc., and releases the shutter. The film is then processed, scanned, laid out on a page, printed on a press, driven across town to the newspaper carrier who throws it on some guy's porch, who then opens the newspaper and looks down at that photo … and if that guy gets the same feeling deep down in the middle of his chest that the photographer did when they viewed the situation in the first place, they have made a great photo. - Anonymous
The world's coming to an end! ...Quick, grab your camera! - Anonymous
Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time. - Anonymous
Motto of the Baltimore Grotto (caving society).
You know what a camera is? A mirror with memory. - Anonymous
from a movie.
The type of camera you use for photography makes no difference. A loving, open heart makes a photograph, not a camera. - Anonymous
Do not concern yourself with the questions, "What is art?" or "Who is an artist?" Everything is art. If what you see and do comes from your heart, you are an artist. - Anonymous
You need not photograph a thing to know it. All you need to do is spend time with your full concentration with the thing, person or emotion. On way is through photography. Another way is by opening your heart. - Anonymous
Your equipment does not matter as long as you are comfortable with it. Comfortable is an important word, It is the opposite of self-conscious. - Anonymous
You must know yourself and your subject well before you can take a picture. You must become one with it. - Anonymous
It is not enough to be a good photographer. You also need to be a good person who takes pictures. - Anonymous
Good negatives don't smoke, drink, or run around with other negatives. - Anonymous
Our eyes are shooting millions of frames a day. We know we're selective because we can recall only a few images the next day, and even less thereafter. - Anonymous
Do not see with just your eyes. If so, you are simply turning yourself into another machine. See with your heart and not with your eyes. - Anonymous
A picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand words cant describe a good picture. - Anonymous
I take pictures like Jimmy Page, and I play guitar like Ansel Adams. - Anonymous
Any one who knows what the worth of family affection is among the lower classes, and who has seen the array of little portraits stuck over a laborer's fireplace will perhaps feel with me that in counteracting the tendencies, social and industrial, which every day are sapping the healthier family affections, the sixpenny photograph is doing more for the poor than all the philanthropists in the world. - Anonymous
Macmillan Magazine
Writers of light do it as wll; they transform shape, line, color, pattern - passionless components - into photographs that grap, delight, revulse, or inspire. Their work bestows life. - Anonymous
If you see it you missed it. - Anonymous
Back in the old flip up mirror days.
One of the best things about not having photographs [in your newspaper] is that you don't have photographers. - Anonymous
Back in the old days, Porter Binks used to have a quote from a Wall Street Journal editor tacked to the wall next to his desk at USA Today. It went something like this.
Someday I'd like to meet the guy who shot your portfolio. - Anonymous
Overheard from chief photographer to dismissed staffer...
I remember when I was a good photographer. - Anonymous
Don't you understand this business? If we can't find photos, we bloody well go out and make photos! - Anonymous
-an editor some thirty years ago....
The readers? We're not doing this for the readers! Who gives a $#@* about the readers?! - Anonymous
Photography is like golf, you never master it, but you can always get better. - Anonymous
There is no such thing as bad photo assignments ... only bad photographers. - Anonymous
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. - Anonymous
Blind drug-dealer in Minority Report starring Tom Cruise
We're the folks that fill the empty space around the crossword. - Anonymous
the film that survived a bomb blast, got wet when your boat sank , survivived x-ray machines at 5 different airports was ruined when someone opened the darkroom door and let all the dark out. - Anonymous
pictures are just there to fill spaces around the adds - Anonymous
by a publisher at a newspaper.
pictures are just there to fill spaces around the stories. - Anonymous
by an editor at a newspaper.
The only "Bad Light" is the abscence of light altogether. - Anonymous
Photography is way to tell others how you feel about what you see. - Anonymous
On some online forum, it was announced that Contax and Domke were merging and all future products will be branded Condom. - Anonymous
Sports are a lot like photography. If you don't focus, all you will get is the negative. - Anonymous
When you blame it on the work of art or the equpiment that produced the only thing that is ever changed by it is the artist. - Anonymous
A good photograph will make an uncommonly good image of common subjects. - Anonymous
Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don''t have the film. - Anonymous
The brave ones were shooting the enemy, the crazy ones were shooting film. - Anonymous
If a picture is worth taking it's certainly worth faking. - Anonymous
When one picks up ones camera and freezes a moment in time we all get a glimpse of ones soul - Anonymous
One...Two...Three...Photography! - Anonymous
Where is the picture? Deadline is in an less than an hour away, this is a multi-million dollar operation........ and it waits for no one! - Anonymous
When people say photography is not art what they actually mean is THEIR photography is not art. - Anonymous
Photographers are violent people. First they frame you, then they shoot you, then they hang you on the wall. - Anonymous
Minolta makes the best bodies, Nikon makes the best lenses, Canon makes the best compromise. - Anonymous
My rich friend Bob who has all three systems.
Putting the camera in their faces is always the hardest. But you just have to do it. - Anonymous
No one makes less sense than famous photographers. It's a good thing they have chosen a visual medium, as words are not their strong suit. Has anyone ever seen a collection of quotes full of as much useless pomposity as these? - Anonymous
The only thing wrong with the camera [Canon D10] is that it doesn't walk by it self... - Anonymous
I married the model, so I still pay for the shooting.... - Anonymous
Business is business. The sooner photographers start learning about and navigating business instead of wasting time trying to control the inevitable forces at play, the better it will be for that photographer. - Anonymous
A subscriber on PhotoPRO Forum
The difference between the amateur and the professional is that the professional looks it up. - Anonymous
Photography is like a lemon, sour to some, but lemonade to others. - Anonymous
Jesus opened my eyes, as the camera opened my heart to see all of the beauty this world has to behold. - Anonymous
What we can easily see is only a small percentage of what is possible. Imagination is having the vision to see what is just below the surface; to picture that which is essential, but invisible to the eye. - Anonymous
Business is business. The sooner photographers start learning about and navigating business instead of wasting time trying to control the inevitable forces at play, the better it will be for that photographer. - Anonymous
A subscriber on PhotoPRO Forum
Some of us cynics say that "the quickest way to make a million dollars in photography, is to start with two million dollars". - Anonymous
When people ask what equipment I use - I tell them my eyes. - Anonymous
The only difference between Pornography and Art is the lighting. - Anonymous
Its easy to make a small fortune out of digital photography. First start with a large fortune. - Anonymous
Most cameras and most lenses are better than most photographers. - Anonymous
Photography is one of the most universal languages around, and you do not have to say a word. - Anonymous
If you buy a flute, you own a flute. So why is it that when you buy a camera, you're a photographer? - Anonymous
Never take photographic advice from someone who tells you that there is only one way to do something. - Anonymous
You give a man color film, and sooner or later you will catch him out in the garden taking pictures of flowers. This seems inevitable. He just can't resist. He's got this colorful film, y'see, and he spies this colorful flower, and...well, not being a chimp, he does realize that there are enough flower pictures in the world already, and that the one he's about to take isn't going to be of any use to anybody. But he can't help himself. It's too great a temptation to resist. He succumbs to the weakness. - Anonymous
From his Jan. 18/04 Sunday Morning Photographer article.
Good photography speaks through silence. - Anonymous
In the coming struggle between the capitalist and socialist worlds, the political photograph will play an important role as a convincing visual means of propaganda. The workers of the world have to fight for control of this means of propaganda, to then turn it into a weapon of class struggle... - Anonymous
part of the "Proclamation of the Worker Photographers of the World", "Der Arbeiter-Fotograf", Vol. V, No. 5. [cited in: “Photography/Politics: One”, Photography Workshop, London 1979, p. 80]
..the montage has to be comprehensible to the working class, in no way must they degenerate into puzzles or be so complicated as they can’t be understood. - Anonymous
– the critic of De Tribune [Rotterdam] complaining about exhibition of worker photography. (De Tribune, January 2, 1933, p. 4) [cited in: "Photography/Politics: One", Photography Workshop, London 1979, p. 85]
It is to be understood that worker photographers intending to exhibit … are to concentrate on the photo of class struggle and proletarian life. No bourgeois portraiture, nudes, landscapes, still lifes, will be exhibited. - Anonymous
– instruction to exhibitors to "Proletarian Photo" exhibition, (New Masses VII, No. 1, June 1931, p. 22) [cited in: "Photography/Politics: One", Photography Workshop, London 1979, p. 95]
I can't sing, I can't paint and I can't write how I feel, so all I have left is photography to express myself. - Anonymous
God made the light, I just paint with it. Amen. - Anonymous
Photographs don’t lie, people do. - Anonymous
Slogan on the poster of the film "PROOF", Australia 1991) [source:, Memorable quotes]
Everybody loves to have their picture took. Everybody. - Anonymous
Leon (Bernzy) Bernstein (movie character, played by Joe Pesci, "Public Eye, The" 1992) [source: , Memorable quotes]
In the two pictures of The Wise and the Foolish Virgins it is difficult to distinguish which are the Wise and which are the Foolish, the same models being employed for, and looking equally foolish in both pictures. - Anonymous , Views on nudes by Bill Jay , ISBN: 0240507312 , Page: 22 - 23
comment about a pair of prints in an exhibition under view (The Photographic Journal of 15 August 1865)
“Mr. Peters: Got a question for you. Which magazine sells the most copies? Mark Lewis: Those with girls on the front covers and no front covers on the girls. - Anonymous
[source: , movie "Peeping Tom", GB 1960, Memorable quotes]
Unlike a painter, a photographer starts with something finished and works backward. - Anonymous
There are three types of photographers. The first are with goals of one day selling out to a magazine or whomever has a wallet. The second are the hobbyists who prance around the city with their Leicas. The third is Robert Frank. Thank you for sharing your pictures. - Anonymous
If you don't take the time to look, you'll never manage to see anything. - Anonymous
Jimmy Olsen: "I didn't have my camera with me." Perry White: "A photographer eats with his camera, a photographer sleeps with his camera!" Lois Lane: "I'm glad I'm a writer." - Anonymous
After a few years, a photograph becomes the illusion of a moment in time. - Anonymous
A photograph has always been a lie. We can not freeze time, we are not 2 dimensional, we are not the size of an 8 x 10 glossy, we are not composed in geometric paterns, but we are real. Photos have power because of this illusion. Using the power and exploring it as communication of the collective sub-consciennce can be fun to. - Anonymous
Let your words be few, and your exposures many. - Anonymous
There can't be two identical photographs in this world. Not even if it is from the same photographer. - Anonymous
I hate photo's. They speak too much. - Anonymous
If you can dream it, you can do it. - Anonymous , Disappearing Witness: Change in Twentieth-Century American Photography by Gretchen Garner , ISBN: 0801871670
It's better to ask forgiveness than beg for permission. - Anonymous
Mr. Peters: Got a question for you. Which magazine sells the most copies? Mark Lewis: Those with girls on the front covers and no front covers on the girls. - Anonymous
[source: , movie "Peeping Tom", GB 1960, Memorable quotes]
Billy Kwan: We’ll make a great team, old man. You for the words, me for the pictures. I can be your eyes. - Anonymous
[source:, movie "The Year of Living Dangerously", Australia 1982, Memorable quotes]
Sy Parrish: Nobody takes a picture of something they want to forget. - Anonymous
[source: , movie "One Hour Photo" USA, 2002, Memorable quotes]
Bill Owens: You have no reason to develop your photos here except to annoy me. Sy Parrish: I have a reason. I personally calibrated that machine. It’s the best mini-lab in the state. - Anonymous
[source: , movie "One Hour Photo" USA, 2002, Memorable quotes]
Sy Parrish: According to The Oxford English Dictionary, the word "snapshot" was originally a hunting term. - Anonymous
[source: , movie "One Hour Photo" USA 2002, Memorable quotes]
Sy Parrish: And if these pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it’s this: I was here. I existed. I was young, I was happy, and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture. - Anonymous
[source: , movie "One Hour Photo" USA 2002, Memorable quotes]
Life is like photography. You use the negatives to develop. - Anonymous
The difference bewteen the recorder photographer... and the artist photographer... is that the artist will, by experience and learning... force the camera to paint the imagination...the emotion... the concept and the intent... rather than faithfully and truthfully reproduce an unnatractive and unflattering record. - Anonymous
Success is not judged by how far you climbed but how many people you took with you - Anonymous
Good better best never let it rest til your good is your better and your better is your best. - Anonymous
Of what use are lens and light to those who lack in mind and sight? - Anonymous
The thing itself need only exist for one two-fiftieth of a second, the time it takes to take a photograph. It is the photograph which need have the duration since it is the photograph which is printed in newspapers and magazines, sent through the post, broadcast through the air, projected onto walls––not the event itself. - Anonymous
Creative Camera, August, 1972, page 278
Anyone can take a picture...a person with a passion sees the picture before it's taken. - Anonymous
Survival is important than succeed. - Anonymous
Let's go in the darkroom and see what develops. - Anonymous
When photography was invented artists thought that it would bring ruin to art but it is shown that photography has been an ally of art, an educator of taste more powerful than a hundred academies of Design would have been… - Anonymous
Philadelphia Photographer, April 1868 [cited in: A World History of Photography by Naomi Rosenblum, (third edition) 1997, p. 208]
The whole question of success and failure [in photography] resolves itself into an investigation of the capacities of the machine and well may we be satisfied with the rich gifts it bestows, without straining it into a competition with art. For everything for which art, so-called, has hitherto been the means but no the end, photography is the allotted agent – for all that requires mere manual correctness, and mere manual slavery, without any employment of the artistic feeling, she is the proper and therefore the perfect medium. She is made for the present age in which the desire for art resides in a small minority, but the craving, or rather necessity for cheap, prompt, and correct facts in the public at large. Photography is the purveyor of such knowledge to the world. She is sworn witness of everything presented to her view. - Anonymous
quoted from The Open University Set Book Industrialization and Culture 1830 – 1914. [cited in: Creative Camera November 1974, p. 364]
Photography must soon become in fact what it is destined to be: the world’s hobby and the world’s helper – universal in usefulness and pleasure-giving. - Anonymous
from The Photo Miniature, 1902 [cited in: Creative Camera May 1976, p. 148]
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a talking picture worth? - Anonymous
(advertising slogan for Kodak Ektasound system [movie cameras and projectors]) [Popular Photography 4/1974, p, 13]
You didn’t compromise on your camera. You shouldn’t on your lenses. - Anonymous
(advertising slogan for Pentax SMC lenses) [Popular Photography 1/1980 p. 1]
If you think Nikon is beyond your reach…It’s not! - Anonymous
[Popular Photography 1/1980 p. 11]
What you can see you can photograph. - Anonymous
advertising slogan for Ermanox 4,5 x 6 cm [glass plates] camera, with 85 mm, F 2 lens (Ernemann Works in Dresden, June 1924) Such camera was used by Dr. Erich Salomon [cited in Creative Camera, January 1972, p. 444]
The last thing I need is another picture of me looking like a porcelain doll. - Anonymous
Rose (a movie character), “Titanic” (1997) Source:
Take my picture. I'm feeling beautiful tonight. - Anonymous
Lisa (a movie character), “Wicker Park” (2004)
Did you ever hear the saying, ‘A picture holds a thousand words’? - Anonymous
Pete (a movie character), “Life or Something Like It” (2002)
And if these pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it's this: I was here. I existed. I was young, I was happy, and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture. - Anonymous
Sy Parrish, “One Hour Photo” (2002)
I took a course in art last winter. I learnt the difference between a fine oil painting, and a mechanical thing, like a photograph. The photograph shows only the reality. The painting shows not only the reality, but the dream behind it. It's our dreams, doctor, that carry us on. They separate us from the beasts. I wouldn't want to go on living if I thought it was all just eating, and sleeping, and taking my clothes off, I mean putting them on... - Anonymous
Veta Louise Simmons (a movie character), “Harvey” (1950)
A normal man, given a group photograph of school girls and asked to point out the loveliest one, will not necessarily choose the nymphet among them. - Anonymous
Humbert (a movie character), “Lolita” (1997)
There's no way you can possess someone forever. Even in a photograph, there's no way. - Anonymous
Anna D'Antoni (a movie character), “Maniac” (1980)
Logicians tell us that two Negatives make an Affirmative. Will somebody say how many Negatives make a Photographer ? - Anonymous
Punch, 12 October 1872 [cited in: Creative Camera January 1970, p. 4]
Photographic portraiture is the best feature of the fine arts for the million that the ingenuity of man has yet devised. It has in this sense swept away many of the illiberal distinctions of rank and wealth, so that the poor man who possesses but a few schillings can command as perfect a lifelike portrait of his wife or child as Sir Thomas Lawrence painted for the most distinguished sovereigns of Europe. - Anonymous , A Concise History of Photography by Helmut Gernsheim , ISBN: 0486251284 , Page: 119
Photographic News (London) 1861), author unknown
A collusion exists also between all photographers present at the same situation: they look at everything except at one another. - Anonymous
Creative Camera, August, 1972, page 266 and 278
The camera captures light, our minds capture images. - Anonymous
If I could have put it into words I would have written it down. But I couldn't, so I took a picture. - Anonymous
I find the still image more powerful than the moving picture, because it leaves me alone for a moment with my thoughts. - Anonymous
The still photograph is to moving pictures what poetry is to prose - less comprehensive perhaps, less literal even, yet somehow capable of expressing a deeper truth. - Anonymous
One picture could change your life. - Anonymous
Movie: City of God
All the photographs in the world, when summed together couldn't possibly amount to a moment... So every human being is faced with the same dilemma: The photograph, or the moment? - Anonymous
If the picture matters, the camera matters. - Anonymous
Nikon ad.
Portraiture is a window to the soul. - Anonymous
A photograph on its own can't change the world, but it can be a catalyst. - Anonymous
Rookies seeks sharper immage.
Pro's seeks to make money.
Artist seeks light. - Anonymous
…color is like dynamite – dangerous, unless you know how to use it. - Anonymous , 1000 Photo Icons by Anthony Bannon (Foreword), George Eastman House , ISBN: 3822820970 , Page: 566
editors of Esquire magazine, on photographs by Anton Bruehl
Who will deny that “photos without bother” is an ideal in photography; and a dream camera, one that fits over the eyes like a pair of glasses and operates by a flick of an eyelash. - Anonymous
[Minor White, Richard Zakia, Peter Lorenz “The New Zone System Manual”, Morgan & Morgan, Inc., Dobbs Ferry, New York 1978 (Fourth printing), p. 46]
The urge to let nothing interfere with seeing, certainly is not a stranger to the zone-systemized photographer. Making and sustaining contact with subjects intuitively is an experience that is always around in photography. So photographers who assimilate the system can learn to bypass interface as readily as a snapshooter, or so it seems. - Anonymous
[Minor White, Richard Zakia, Peter Lorenz “The New Zone System Manual”, Morgan & Morgan, Inc., Dobbs Ferry, New York 1978 (Fourth printing), p. 47]
Between casual snapshooters and creative photographers who take the casual seriously, there seems to be another interface. An “aesthetic of snapshot” has appeared which partakes of both immediate seeing and disciplined craft. The strongest of this school, Gary Winograd, Lee Friedlander, Emmet Gowin, have a fine quality of perception. Perhaps they have always been intuitive, have always felt their way into the subject and reached a degree of penetration that zone system photographers earn by hard work. - Anonymous
[Minor White, Richard Zakia, Peter Lorenz “The New Zone System Manual”, Morgan & Morgan, Inc., Dobbs Ferry, New York 1978 (Fourth printing), p. 47]
If the nude is so treated that it raises in the spectator ideas or desires appropriate to the material subject, it is false art, and bad morals. - Anonymous , Views on nudes by Bill Jay , ISBN: 0240507312 , Page: 49
– professor Alexander (philosopher)
There are some visual arts which need an introduction – we feel, however, that with photography this is not necessary. A “true” photograph is strong, silent and speaks for itself. - Anonymous
instead of introduction - {Cited in: “WOMAN – Edouard Boubat Photographer”, Aidan Ellis Publishing Limited, Nuffield, Oxon (G. B.), 1972, p. 7]
Amateur Photographer has always held that photography is the province of all – housewives and schoolboys just as much as the man whose mind is brimming with theory, just as much as the highly paid professional. This is our way of putting that belief to the rest – in a practical way. - Anonymous
[editorial, “Do you remember…?”, Amateur Photographer, September 25, 1974, p. 146]
The illiteracy of the future will be ignorance not of reading or writing, but of photography. - Anonymous
[cited in: “Germany - The New Photography 1927 – 33’ (Documents and essays selected and edited by David Mellor), Arts Council of Great Britain, London 1978, p. 75]
Photography avoids the literary or aesthetic importance of things. It is free of value judgment. - Anonymous
Someone of Renger-Patzsch’s contemporaries. [cited in: “Germany - The New Photography 1927 – 33’ (Documents and essays selected and edited by David Mellor), Arts Council of Great Britain, London 1978, p. 96]
Viewers will be able to see the continuing tradition of pictorial photography, which continues largely unruffled by modern movements. This conservatism with variations is one of the strengths of the photographic society exhibitions and one of the facets that is periodically attacked by graphic artists and fine art critics. - Anonymous , A Concise History of Photography by Helmut Gernsheim , ISBN: 0486251284 , Page: 217
note in an English catalogue of photographic exhibition, 1960.
It is not many years ago that the work and name of Steichen acted upon the average photographic public as a red rag does upon the bull. How things have changed – even Mr. Steichen’s work – but his has been no step backward. The inference is plain that the photographic public has been in a measure educated. The non-photographic public, at first but slightly interested, has begun to appreciate that photography holds within itself some possibilities, though individuals still differ as to their extent. This interest is growing, and reacting upon photographers tends toward a more comprehensive understanding and appreciation, resulting in such a decided improvement in the standards of all, even in the standards of Philistine, that we feel confident that many who found no pleasure in earlier published work of Mr. Steichen will now thank us in giving them a second opportunity of viewing the work of this maturing young painter and photographer. - Anonymous
Editorial, “Our Illustrations”, Camera Work 14, 1906. [cited in: Alfred Stieglitz “Camera Work (The Complete Illustrations 1903 – 1917)”, Benedikt Taschen Verlag GmbH, Köln, 1997, p. 285]
One can hold conferences these days without ministers, but not without Dr. Salomon. - Anonymous
some statesman on legendary Dr. Erich Salomon’s inquisitiveness. [cited in: Creative Camera May 1968, p. 164]
The thrill of photography often lies in seeing without being seen. That means acting quickly, discreetly and sensitively. For this, LEICA M6 is just right. - Anonymous
Advertising slogan to a photograph “Contemplation. [ “World Press Photo 1991”, (catalogue of exhibition), Sdu, Uitgeverij, Koninginnegracht, Amsterdam, p. 122
Atget was no pictorial photographer of pretty superficiality; he took reality by the scruff of the neck and threw it in the face of his viewers. - Anonymous
from an article “Eugène Atget: the shock of realism unadorned" [cited in: “Creative Camera” February 1968, p. 58]
Facial expression is the wreath that crowns the work and distinguishes good portraiture from bad. - Anonymous
Some XIX century British photographic authority [name unknown] [Popular Photography 4/1974 p. 28, “Viewpoint”]
They say that pictures don’t lie, but that’s not really true anymore. - Anonymous
If pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it's this: I was here. I existed. I was young, I was happy, and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture. - Anonymous
Movie:One Hour Photo
Most people don't take snapshots of the little things. The used Band-Aid, the guy at the gas station, the wasp on the Jell-O. But these are the things that make up the true picture of our lives. People don't take pictures of these things. - Anonymous
Movie:One Hour Photo
When people's houses are on fire, what's the first thing they save after their pets and loved ones are saved? Their family photos - Anonymous
Movie:One Hour Photo
Unlike a painter, a photographer starts with something finished and works backward. - Anonymous
If you can see, you can also take pictures. But learning to see may take a long time. - Anonymous
Beauty…it rubs against one’s tounge
it hangs there
hurting one
insisting on its own existence
finally it gets so one cannot stand the pain
then one must have beauty extracted.
- Anonymous
And if these pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it’s this: I was here. I existed. I was young, I was happy, and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture. - Anonymous
from a movie.
What you don’t know is that the client would have paid double, and what the client doesn’t know is that you’d have done it for half... - Anonymous
Upgrade your knowledge before you upgrade your camera. - Anonymous
No one want ordinary photographers anymore. No one wants regular photographers. They want someone that can bring some kind of special lens or special expertise to the conversation.
You have convictions, you have ideas. They may not be perfect, but just get them out there. Give them a shot. - Anonymous
Stranger: "That is beautiful child you have there."
Mother: "That's nothing. You should see his photograph." - Anonymous
Photographers have evidently made up their minds that it is high time to introduce some new style of portraiture to the public, and we entirely agree with them... One thing is clear. Photographers must pull together if they want to make a definite step. This we urge upon them very earnestly, and if any suggestions come to us on the subject we will readily give them the publicity.... - Anonymous
The Photographic News, London 1880
Composite portraits are absolute quackery! What next, composite landscapes? - Anonymous
The Photographic News, London 1888
Photography, the universal language that transcends all cultures, all eras. - Anonymous
The photojournalist’s job is a simple one.... To create a still image, iconic and truthful, that can replace a thousand words. - Anonymous
No good photograph was ever made in the middle of the day. - Anonymous
Good photographs are made, not taken. - Anonymous
There is no such thing as a bad assignment, only bad photographers. - Anonymous
From Trent Nelson's blog.
One moment, one second, one push of the button. One single movement to capture that one single frame. An instant based on the instinct. - Anonymous
Aperture A little hole in the camera through which a wife, child, dog, cat pawing a ball of wool, wedding, swan, Norman church, father up to his neck in sand, interesting old alley, sailor sticking his head out of a porthole, or Midlands couple who were the life and soul of the party that last night in Ibiza, may be observed by the photographer. - Anonymous
[Keith Waterhouse, “A-Z Photography” The Passing of the Third-floor Buck, 1974] [“The Penguin Dictionary of Modern Humorous Quotations”. Edited by Fred Metcalf (Second [paperback] edition) Penguin Books, London 2002, p. 230]
Single image can save the world. - Anonymous
Top ten reasons to date a photographer
1) They work well in the dark
2) They’re used to funny smells
3) They make things develop
4) They work well on many settings
5) They know how to focus
6) They can make big things look small and small things look big
7) They work well from many different angles
8 ) They zoom in and out. And in and out and in and out and in and out...
9) They shoot in many different locations
10) They can find the beauty in anything
- Anonymous
What do you do for a living? "I shoot people." - Anonymous
You never see the hard days in a photo album... but those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next. - Anonymous
Mr. Leezak from the movie "Just Married" (2003). See:
Photography is the healthful hobby. It takes you out of doors, yet causes no trouble or fatigue. - Anonymous
Kodak advertising slogan of 1888 Source: Newspaper (unknown) of the time.
The fundamental belief in the authenticity of photographs explains why photographs of people no longer living and of vanished architecture are so melancholy. Neither words nor yet the most detailed painting can evoke a moment of vanished time so powerfully and so completely as a good photograph. - Anonymous
(Picture book) Paris under the Commune (By a Faithful Witness, Photography), Cited in "The History of Photography" by Beaumont Newhall, The Museum of Modern Art, New York 1964, p. 71.
Hitherto photography has been principally content with representing Truth. Can its sphere not be enlarged ? And may it not aspire to delineate Beauty, too? - Anonymous
English critic in an article "On Art-Photography" [1861] Cited in “The History of Photography” by Beaumont Newhall, The Museum of Modern Art, New York 1964, p. 59.
Don't let a call interrupt your photo. - Anonymous
Canon fights mobile cameras.