[b. 1967] Italian photographer. The singularity of his work is in the originality of his new shapes and visions.

Our best shoots are placed in our memory. They are simply there, somewhere .. and they represent our private archive... Nobody can touch .. nobody can see. - Massimo Conti
On Shooting
I don't watch a photo ... I READ it! - Massimo Conti
On Photography
I don't know where I am going ... I leave this matter to the wave. - Massimo Conti
On Life
... At last the creative persons are like lovers: They have no need to speak... They consume their love with a simple look. - Massimo Conti
On Art Lovers
Why Black & White?
Because ... you know... B&W is like our life! Sometimes beautiful ... Sometimes awful. It's a sort of "ying and yang" ... and... just like our life ... in the middle you can find a large scale of greys. - Massimo Conti