[b 1956] American art nude photographer

It would be worth it to fail. - David Winge
When asked about traveling a great distance to a specific location for a photo shoot shoot
Putting clothes on a model is akin to putting a parking lot over a field of flowers. - David Winge
True beauty is not a measurement, it is a spirit. - David Winge
The first time I added the art nude to my landscape photography it was as if I had added a soul, they took on a life and became much more than the sum of each. I was looking over the images after a photo shoot, I could hardly believe my own eyes and the beauty I had captured. - David Winge
Nothing has ever made me feel the way I feel when I've captured an emotion, when my balance of timing, place, pose & light all meld together into something beautiful. That is something I never imagined I could do. - David Winge