[b 1969] Documentary and art photographer

The road from the eye to the heart is easy to follow. I am taking it with my eyes closed. - Christophe Agou
When I use the camera, I often feel like I know part of the people or places I come in contact with. - Christophe Agou
Whether it is photography, assemblage art or filmmaking, my work is to see beneath the surface. - Christophe Agou
Somehow there is a certain honesty underground, a certain truth. - Christophe Agou
New York City Subway - New York Times January 7, 2005
Looking and seeing are two different things. What matters is the relationship with the subject. - Christophe Agou
Ouvre l'oeil ! - Christophe Agou
The Distance Between Yourself and Others should not be Greater than Your Arm's Length. - Christophe Agou