There is unquestionably a strong feeling against the making of pictures of the nude by means of the camera. This prejudice, while to a great extent justified, is frequently carried to the extreme of narrowness. Within proper limitations, the study of the nude in photography is desirable; beyond such limitations, it is to be condemned, for it is apt to be abused, quite as much as it has been by a large number of modern painters, who yearly flood the continental exhibitions of Europe with countless numbers of pictures of the nude, neither elevating or refining, and executed, to all appearances, solely for the purpose of showing on canvas in public that which in real life the code of decency both of the ancient and modern world, would unqualifiedly condemn as subversion of the morals of the community. - J. T. Keiley , Views on nudes by Bill Jay , ISBN: 0240507312 , Page: 49
Camera Notes, 1900