Documentary photographer.

What happens inside your mind can happen inside a camera! - Arno Rafael Minkkinen
when he worked as a Madison Avenue copywriter. Advertising slogan for Minolta SRT-101/102 [Popular Photography 5/1974, p. 229]
Photography can be a most dependable yet dispassionate accountant of the physical self. With its awesome and inimitable documentary powers photography reveals transformations in our bodies we never see happening ourselves. - Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Contemporary photography has little patience with theories of art that cannot accept our wrinkles, imperfections, and unruly pubic hairs. - Arno Rafael Minkkinen
1984. “New American Nudes – Recent Trends and Attitudes”, Morgan & Morgan, Inc., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 1984.
I think photography piles up the limitations more than any other medium I know… To outwit the calamities, I have learned to formulate a partnership with spontaneity. - Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Only the camera knows what happened. - Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Be the caretaker of your vision. Make it famous. And above all, remember, that art is risk made visible. - Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Artists who believe they control everything control what they know. Artists who allow outside forces to intervene are like canoes going down rapids. - Arno Rafael Minkkinen
What the camera sees at the moment of exposure is what I try to envision in my mind. Therein lies the magic of photography for me. It’s why it is always Christmas in my darkroom. - Arno Rafael Minkkinen
What to do? It’s simple: Stay on the bus. Stay on the fucking bus. - Arno Rafael Minkkinen