The best place for photography is on the printed page. Photography is subjective documentation. I wouldn’t say that it can’t be art; artists often use the photographic medium to produce works of art. The trouble occurs when photographers deliberately set out to produce fine art. Usually they do not succeed. Yet the photographers who simply record honestly and sincerely the subjects that they feel are significant, often produce pictures which are important, timeless images – almost incidentally. - Horst Munzig
[cited in: Creative Camera May 1968, p. 158]
Black-and-white photography appeals to the head and the heart; colour photography hits you in the stomach. Black-and-white pictures make more demands on their viewers, they need a greater understanding and visual sophistication. I am struggling to get away from merely ‘stomach colour’ which I think is merely pretty and maybe shocking. The best colour shots are those that have the feeling and insight of black-and-white with the added mood given by colour. - Horst Munzig
[cited in: Creative Camera May 1968, p. 158]
A photographer must get his priorities right. Although he is attempting to communicate to others through his pictures, he must first of all please himself. I believe that if a photographer produces honest, personal pictures they will automatically communicate more to their viewers. - Horst Munzig
[cited in: Creative Camera May 1968, p. 156]