Once the amateur's naive approach and humble willingness to learn fades away, the creative spirit of good photography dies with it. Every professional should remain always in his heart an amateur. - Alfred Eisenstaedt
What some highbrows call rapport is nothing more than a mild flirtation between photographer and the girl on the other side of the camera. Some models get so professional they can send hours flirting with the camera itself while the poor photographer is reduced to the role of spectator. - Sam Haskins - [cited in: Creative Camera March 1968, p. 88]
The great single picture is emotionally satisfying, whereas getting a good journalistic story is more about being a professional. - Ian Berry
..amateurs worry about equipment,
professionals worry about money,
masters worry about light,
I just take pictures...
- Vernon Trent
Professional Photography is all about your eyes, brain, and imagination. Now that's all 20%, and the business itself is 80%. - Mohamed Ghuloom