Once the amateur's naive approach and humble willingness to learn fades away, the creative spirit of good photography dies with it. Every professional should remain always in his heart an amateur. - Alfred Eisenstaedt
A pro only means you shoot for pay. As an amateur, I learned from pros. As a pro, I continue to learn from amateurs. - Catherine Jo Morgan
..amateurs worry about equipment,
professionals worry about money,
masters worry about light,
I just take pictures...
- Vernon Trent
Usually the amateur is defines as an immature state of the artist: someone who cannot — or will not — achieve the mastery of a profession. But in the field of photographic practice, it is the amateur, on the contrary, who is the assumption of the professional: for it is he who stands closer to the (i)noeme(i) of Photography. - Roland Barthes - From the book: "Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography" by Roland Barthes