The virtue of the camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking. - Brooks Atkinson - 1951, Once Around the Sun
These days I think the composers of music influence me more than any photographers or visual creators. I see something exciting or lovely and think to myself: 'If Papa Haydn or Wolfgang Amadeus or the red-headed Vivaldi were here with a camera, they'd snap a picture of what's in front of me.' So I take the picture for them. - Ralph Steiner
When Jack London had his portrait made by the noted San Francisco photographer Arnold Genthe, London began the encounter with effusive praise for the photographic art of his friend and fellow bohemian, Genthe. "you must have a wonderful camera...It must be the best camera in the world...You must show me your camera." Genthe then used his standard studio camera to make what has since become a classic picture of Jack London. When the sitting was finished, Genthe could not contain himself: "I have read your books, Jack, and I think they are important works of art. You must have a wonderful typewriter." - Anonymous
First Person : "Is that camera fully automatic?" Second Person : "No. You have to take the film to the chemist!" - Anonymous
None. They should just go out and photograph and stop talking about it. That’s the only way they are going to find themselves. They can’t do it in their heads – they have to go out and do it in the camera and get it on film. - Berenice Abbott - when asked is she had any gems of wisdom for the photographer today., Professional photographer's survival guide by Charles E. Rotkin , ISBN: 0817454098 , Page: 242
...the era of popular photography which began with the introduction of the first Kodak camera in 1888 is that of the anonymous photograph...Both sitter and photographer may be no longer identifiable. Yet...these primative pictures are of great historic significance...Through them we have a detailed picture of everyday life of a kind never previously available. - Brian Coe, The Birth of Photography : The Story of the Formative Years, 1800-1900 by Biran Coe , ISBN: 0600562964
I was extravagant in the matter of cameras – anything photographic – I had to have the best. But that was to further my work. In most things I have gone along with the plainest – or without. - Edward Weston, The Daybooks of Edward Weston by Edward Weston, Beaumont Newhall (Photographer), Nancy Newhall (Introduction) , ISBN: 0893814504 , Page: 159
Human vision is untrustworthy, subjective and selective. Camera vision is total and non – objective. - Andreas Feininger, Total Photography by Andreas Feininger , ISBN: 081743531X , Page: 129
The quickest way to make money at photography is to sell your camera. - Anonymous
MINOLTA - When you are the camera and the camera is you. - Anonymous
Camera batteries never die when you're in the camera store. - Catherine Jo Morgan
Forgetting to load the camera just makes it a test session. - Catherine Jo Morgan
The whole thrust in my life right now is spinning my assignments around and making them work in a more personal way (...) I wanted to go back and do the original thing: one camera, one lens, one film. You really have to put yourself in a position of danger to be creative. - David Alan Harvey
Ansel Adams in 1930 had been training to become a concert pianist while considering a career as a photographer. He decided, after seeing the photographs by Paul Strand, that "the camera, not the piano, would shape [his] destiny." His mother and aunt both pleaded, "Do not give up the piano! The camera cannot express the human soul!" To which Adams replied, "The camera cannot, but the photographer can." - Ansel Adams - in "Black & White Magazine for Collector of Fine Photography" October 2000, Page: 76
When someone sees me with a camera that weights almost ten pounds, he assumes immediately that I’m a serious photographer. - Bill Owens, Documentary photography: A personal view (Addison House photographic survival kit) by Bill Owens , ISBN: 0891690379 , Page: 34
Jimmy Olsen: "I didn't have my camera with me." Perry White: "A photographer eats with his camera, a photographer sleeps with his camera!" Lois Lane: "I'm glad I'm a writer." - Anonymous
Having and camera makes you no more a photographer than having a hammer and some nails makes you a carpenter. - Claude Adams
In response to the quip at a dinner party from a woman down-scaling the skill associated with making photographs: 'But Jack anyone can take a photograph'! Picone's reply, 'Yes you are correct but only some people can make a camera sing and dance'. - Jack Picone
I was given a small camera as a wedding gift from a very dear friend. My first pictures were taken on my honeymoon. As soon as I became familiar with the camera, I was intrigued with the possibilities of expression it offered. It was like a discovery for me. - Aaron Siskind
The camera cannot compete with painting as long as it cannot be used in heaven or hell. - Edvard Munch
The difference bewteen the recorder photographer... and the artist photographer... is that the artist will, by experience and learning... force the camera to paint the imagination...the emotion... the concept and the intent... rather than faithfully and truthfully reproduce an unnatractive and unflattering record. - Anonymous
When I use the camera, I often feel like I know part of the people or places I come in contact with. - Christophe Agou
No matter what camera you use, it is not the camera but your artistic eyes who makes the photograph. - Taga Creekside - RP
The photographer was thought to be an acute but non-interfering observer – a scribe, not a poet. But as people quickly discovered that nobody takes the same picture of the same thing, the supposition that cameras furnish an impersonal, objective image yielded to the fact that photographs are evidence not only of what’s there but of what an individual sees, not just a record but an evaluation of the world. It became clear that there was not just a simple activity called seeing (recorded by, aided by cameras) but ‘photographic seeing’, which was both a new way for people to see and a new activity for them to perform. - Susan Sontag, On Photography by Susan Sontag , ISBN: 0385267061 , Page: 88
(...) Along with people who pretty themselves for the camera, the unattractive and the disaffected have been assigned their beauty. - Susan Sontag, On Photography by Susan Sontag , ISBN: 0385267061 , Page: 103
The camera can be lenient; it is can also expert at being cruel. But its cruelty only produces another kind of beauty, according to the surrealist preferences which rule photographic taste. - Susan Sontag, On Photography by Susan Sontag , ISBN: 0385267061 , Page: 104
It is not reality that photographs make immediately accessible, but images. For example, now all adults can know exactly how they and their parents and grandparents looked as children – a knowledge not available to anyone before the invention of cameras, not even to that tine minority among whom it was customary to commission paintings of their children. Most of these portraits were less informative than any snapshot. And even the very wealthy usually owned just one portrait of themselves or any of their forebears as children, that is, image of one moment of childhood, whereas it is common to have many photographs of oneself, the camera offering the possibility of possessing a complete record, at all ages. - Susan Sontag, On Photography by Susan Sontag , ISBN: 0385267061 , Page: 165
(...) Although there a sense which the camera does indeed capture reality, not just interpret it, photographs are as much an interpretation of the world as painting and drawings are. Those occasions when the taking of photographs is relatively undiscriminating, promiscuous, or self-effacing do not lessen the didacticism of the whole enterprise. - Susan Sontag, On Photography by Susan Sontag , ISBN: 0385267061 , Page: 6
The photograph may be presented as finely and artistically as you will; but to merit serious consideration, must be directly connected with the world we live in. - Berenice Abbott - 1951, Universal Photo Almanac [cited in: Creative Camera November 1974, p. 365]
I enjoy traveling and recording far-away places and people with my camera. But I also find it wonderfully rewarding to see what I can discover outside my own window. You only need to study the scene with the eyes of a photographer. - Alfred Eisenstaedt - [cited in: Creative Camera April 1970, p. 104]
I believe that the chief value of photography as a means of communication depends entirely on the ability of the camera to arrest life instantly. It thrills me to speculate how the invention of photography has contributed to the speeding up of human reflexes. The rapidly working camera has sharpened man’s capacity to observe and observe rapidly; it has taught many of us to use our minds to classify visual phenomena in an instant of time; to relate our own attitude to that of the person in front of the camera in a split second. This to my mind is the essence of photojournalism. - Jozef Gross - “A point of view: fact of feeling?” [cited in: Creative Camera March 1968, p. 99]
What some highbrows call rapport is nothing more than a mild flirtation between photographer and the girl on the other side of the camera. Some models get so professional they can send hours flirting with the camera itself while the poor photographer is reduced to the role of spectator. - Sam Haskins - [cited in: Creative Camera March 1968, p. 88]
To live, to experience the world, to communicate with a camera, all these are interrelated and cannot be separated from everyday live. - Edouard Boubat - from Photo by Boubat, a film for Swedish television directed by Rune Hassner [cited in: Creative Camera June 1972, p. 184]
After twenty years you can begin to be sure of what camera will do. - Brassai - [cited in: Creative Camera May 1972, p. 148]
What is a good photograph? I cannot say. A photograph is tied to the time, what is good today may be a cliché tomorrow. The problem of the photographer is to discover his own language, a visual ABC. The picture represents the feelings and point of view of the intelligence behind the camera. This disease of our age is boredom and a good photographer must combat it. The way to do this is by invention – by surprise. When I say a good picture has surprise value I mean that it stimulates my thinking and intrigues me. The best way to achieve surprise quality is by avoiding clichés. Imitation is the greatest danger of the young photographer. - Alexey Brodovitch - Photography, February 1964 [cited in: Creative Camera February 1972, p. 472]
When the novice photographer starts taking pictures, he carries his camera about and shoots everything that interests him. There comes a time when he must crystallize his ideas and set off in an particular direction. He must learn that shooting for the sake of shooting is dull and unprofitable. - Alexey Brodovitch - Photography, February 1964 [cited in: Creative Camera February 1972, p. 472]
Photographers learn to interpret photographs in that technical way because they want to understand and use that ‘language’ themselves (just as musicians learn a more technical musical language than the layman needs). Social scientists who want to work with visual materials will have to learn to approach them in this more studious and time-consuming way. - Howard S. Becker - Afterimage, May-June 1975 [cited in: Creative Camera October 1975, p. 329]
The camera is the instrument that brings the inner passion and the outward event into harmony with one another, this linking, or, rather, this coincidence, is successfully brought about, then we find one of the things that no image-making medium can accomplish to the same degree. - Edward Lucie-Smith - The Invented Eye, 1975 [cited in: Creative Camera October 1975, p. 329] , The Invented Eye : Masterpieces of Photography, 1839-1914 by Edward. Lucie-Smith , ISBN: 0846700409
You didn’t compromise on your camera. You shouldn’t on your lenses. - Anonymous - (advertising slogan for Pentax SMC lenses) [Popular Photography 1/1980 p. 1]
What happens inside your mind can happen inside a camera! - Arno Rafael Minkkinen - when he worked as a Madison Avenue copywriter. Advertising slogan for Minolta SRT-101/102 [Popular Photography 5/1974, p. 229]
The camera… on the one hand extends our comprehension of the necessities that rule our lives; on the other, it manages to assure us of an immense and unexpected field of action. - Walter Benjamin - 1930, World History of Photography by Naomi Rosenblum , ISBN: 0789209462 , Page: 568
..look over your camera to see that everything is in order, for however sure you may be that everything is right, it is always best to have an inspection before marching. To forget a screw, if you have a loose one, and only discover your loss when you are miles from home and the view before you is "perfect", is to promote, possibly suicide, certainly profanity. - Henry Peach Robinson
The camera captures light, our minds capture images. - Anonymous
Small, portable digital cameras that exceed the performance of an off-the-shelf Nikon using 35mm slide film are further away from current reality than the proposed NASA manned Mars mission, although I expect both to happen sometime during my lifetime. - Galen Rowell
There is 3 key things for good photography: the camera,lighting and... photoshop - Tyra Banks
A photographer is nothing without his camera. - Eddie Cohen
If the picture matters, the camera matters. - Anonymous - Nikon ad.
Your mind is like a live camera that is constantly taking pictures of every single moment that comes onto you... So be a good photographer! - David Acuna
No matter how advanced your camera you still need to be responsible for getting it to the right place at the right time and pointing it in the right direction to get the photo you want. - Ken Rockwell - Your Camera Does Not Matter, 2005
The camera's only job is to get out of the way of making photographs. - Ken Rockwell
The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE. - Ernst Haas - Comment in workshop, 1985
When I look at pictures I have made, I have forgotten what I saw in front of the camera and respond only to what I am seeing in the photographs. - Minor White, 1000 Photo Icons by Anthony Bannon (Foreword), George Eastman House , ISBN: 3822820970 , Page: 640
Photography is never more strong in its emotional appeal or in the authority of its statement than when recording incidents in the life of man or man’s reaction to the life around him. Here is one province where it can be said with some certainty that the camera does not lie. It cannot afford to try. - Norman Hall - [cited in: Creative Camera October 1968, p. 340]
Utter truth is essential and that is what stirs me when I look through the camera. - Margaret Bourke-White
The first thing I did with my very first camera was climb Mt. Fuji. Climbing Mt. Fuji is a lesson in determination and moderation. It would be fair to ask if I took the moderation part to heart. But it certainly was a lesson in respecting your camera. If I was going to live with this thing, I was going to have to think about what that meant. There were not going to be any pictures without it. - Annie Leibovitz
Learning to photograph the world upside down and backwards can have interesting implications for your real life. You'll never be boring again. Or bored. - Robert Hall
A camera can get you close without the burden of commitment. It's a nifty device that way, a magical passport into people's lives with no permanent strings attached. - Nina Berman - The Photographs Not Taken
No matter how sophisticated the camera, the photographer is still the one that makes the picture. - Doug Bartlow
To say that "the camera cannot lie" is merely to underline the multiple deceits that are now practised in its name. - Marshall McLuhan - 1964
A photographer can sit at the edge of paradise and may only see unframeable beauty. A child with their parents camera will run through paradise capturing all that they see as they see it, filled with the untangled imagination of youth. - Ryan Learoyd -
It’s not when you press the shutter, but why you press the shutter. - Mary Ellen Mark