Small, portable digital cameras that exceed the performance of an off-the-shelf Nikon using 35mm slide film are further away from current reality than the proposed NASA manned Mars mission, although I expect both to happen sometime during my lifetime. - Galen Rowell
Digital photography is doing for photography what the piano did for keyboard music. - Faul Bosman
Digital work looks ‘digital’. It’s analogous to synthesisers and pianos – you don’t perform Bach on a synth because Reality, and the intimacy of relationship between the pianist and his instrument, is tidied out of the process. - Julian Flynn
From its inception, photography challenged and threatened other art forms. Given that photography is the child of technology, it is no wonder that as we progress to the digital age, photography would reflect those changes most completely. I don’t worry myself with what is art and what is not. More often than not, what is called art has no bearing on the world or most people’s concerns. I am more concerned with we can communicate to the public through art and the viability of media to make a positive difference in our world. Great art reveals itself effortlessly, no matter how complex or sophisticated, and can be recognized by both the initiated and uninitiated. - Ed Kashi
We are seeing many technically efficient people coming out of this digital shift, but the creative eye is something you cannot manufacture. 3-1-2010 - Albert Normandin