I see no reason for recording the obvious. - Edward Weston - "Daybook II", The Daybooks of Edward Weston by Edward Weston, Beaumont Newhall (Photographer), Nancy Newhall (Introduction) , ISBN: 0893814504 , Page: 252
The difference bewteen the recorder photographer... and the artist photographer... is that the artist will, by experience and learning... force the camera to paint the imagination...the emotion... the concept and the intent... rather than faithfully and truthfully reproduce an unnatractive and unflattering record. - Anonymous
I just think it is too bad that, with all the great photographs that have been taken since 1839, the first to sell at auction for more than $1 million is a photograph of another photograph. - Paul Sacks - (Sacks, a leading American collector, commenting on the sale at Christie's of Richard Prince's "Untitled (Cowboy)" for $1,248,000 in 2005). Quoted in Gerry Badger, "The Genius of Photography"(p.220) Quadrille, London 2007.