We look at the world and see what we have learned to believe is there. We have been conditioned to expect.... but, as photographers, we must learn to relax our beliefs. - Aaron Siskind
There can't be two identical photographs in this world. Not even if it is from the same photographer. - Anonymous
Imagine a world without photography, one could only imagine. - Berenice Abbott
Photography is like an open book to the world. - Lisa Jones
NARRATOR: Henry Luce always had a fascination with what he called "picture magic". To introduce his new magazine to the world, he wrote an essay which described the many powers of photography. "To see life. To see the world. To watch the faces of the poor, and the gestures of the proud. To see strange things. Machines, armies, multitudes, and shadows in the jungle. To see, and to take pleasure in seeing. To see and be instructed. To see and be amazed..." - Henry Luce - This was directly from "American Photography: A Century of Images" off the following site: http://www.pbs.org/ktca/americanphotography/filmandmore/index.html It is the transcript of the video for teachers.
To us, the difference between the photographer as an individual eye and the photographer as an objective recorder seems fundamental, the difference often regarded, mistakenly, as separating photography as art from photography as document. But both are logical extensions of what photography means: note-taking on, potentially, everything in the world, from every possible angle. - Susan Sontag, On Photography by Susan Sontag , ISBN: 0385267061 , Page: 176
(...) Although there a sense which the camera does indeed capture reality, not just interpret it, photographs are as much an interpretation of the world as painting and drawings are. Those occasions when the taking of photographs is relatively undiscriminating, promiscuous, or self-effacing do not lessen the didacticism of the whole enterprise. - Susan Sontag, On Photography by Susan Sontag , ISBN: 0385267061 , Page: 6
The photograph may be presented as finely and artistically as you will; but to merit serious consideration, must be directly connected with the world we live in. - Berenice Abbott - 1951, Universal Photo Almanac [cited in: Creative Camera November 1974, p. 365]
Traditionally, photography has dealt with recording the world as it is found. Before photography appeared the fine artists of the time, the painters and sculptors, concerned themselves with rendering reality with as much likeness as their skill enabled. Photography, however, made artistic reality much more available, more quickly and on a much broader scale. - Ralph Gibson - [cited in: Creative Camera December 1972, p. 401]
The photographer sees the world as a child sees the bits of glass in a kaleidoscope. If he has a camera with which he can secure these ever-changing combinations, he is then able to look on them again and again, and he has the further pleasure of pleasing others with the sight of things which he, with perhaps unusual opportunities, was able to see, which his friends would otherwise not ever be able to. - Frank Meadow Sutcliffe - Amateur Photographer 1899 [cited in: Creative Camera June 1972, p. 184]
Photography must soon become in fact what it is destined to be: the world’s hobby and the world’s helper – universal in usefulness and pleasure-giving. - Anonymous - from The Photo Miniature, 1902 [cited in: Creative Camera May 1976, p. 148]
Actually, documentary pictures include every subject in the world – good, bad, indifferent. I have yet to see a fine photograph which is not a good document. - Berenice Abbott - 1951, Universal Photo Almanac [cited in: Creative Camera November 1974, p. 365]
I hope that my work will encourage self expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative excitement in the great world around us. - Ansel Adams
It has always been my belief that the true artist, like the true scientist, is a researcher using materials and techniques to dig into the truth and meaning of the world in which he himself lives; and what he creates, or better perhaps, brings back, are the objective results of his explorations. The measure of his talent––of his genius, if you will––is the richness he finds in such a life’s voyage of discovery and the effectiveness with which he is able to embody it through his chosen medium. - Paul Strand - Letter to the editor, Photographic Journal, Vol. 103, No. 7, 1963, p. 216.
All the photographs in the world, when summed together couldn't possibly amount to a moment... So every human being is faced with the same dilemma: The photograph, or the moment? - Anonymous
Artists don't owe the world anything, least of all explanations. - Sam Haskins
When the shutter closes the world opens! - Sharon Wax