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Furon was born and grew up in Southern California. He spent many years in commercial art as an art director and creative director. During that time he was able to learn by working with some of the best photographers in the country. While developing and expanding his own unique photography style.

Furon took his first photographs in the mid-1970s as a way of expressing his individual creative ideas. He first explored photography to create images that were his alone and were in direct contrast to the commercial art side of his life.

His imagery strives for simplicity. Yet it contains intense detail in its simplicity. Many of his images are simple studies of isolated objects. While his photographs range from still lifes to landscapes, he focuses most of his efforts on nudes of the human figure and nude photography in general. He is constantly inspired to push the envelope of nudity, eroticism and the human form. In more recent years his work has begun to explore deeper human sensuality, expressions in fetish as well as the levels of sensuality between couples and groups. Due to the frank, erotic nature of many of his images, Furon says, "I don’t care if people love my work or hate it, as long as they react to it."

Furon primarily works in black-and-white prints as well as polaroid transfer image transfers. While most photographers have converted to digital photography, Furon is notable for his loyalty to film photography and his intricate hand-made image transfers. A loyalist to working with film in a world that is rapidly seeing the demise of film and a reliance on the digital camera, Furon set out to develop a process of supporting his obsession with the quality of film in what's becoming a digital-photography world. His imagery is unique due in large part to his pioneering a process of capturing his images with digital equipment and then outputting the digital images to film that he prints in the darkroom as is done with conventional film cameras.[2] Thereby being able to retain the unique quality and romance of hand-printed photographs. His work has been exhibited extensively in the United States as well as Europe. Furon still lives in the historic district of Pasadena, California.


His works are included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, among others. The bulk of his work has been sold through Sotheby’s.

    * Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles, California
    * Art Seen, Los Angeles, California
    * NoHo Gallery, Los Angeles, California
    * Stepping Stone Gallery, New York, NY
    * T suki Lounge, Chicago, IL
    * International Photo Salon (FIAP), Targu Mure, Romania
    * The Echo Gallery, Chicago, IL
    * Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, Colorado
    * Lankershim Art Gallery, Hollywood, California
    * International Photography Exhibition (FIAP), Istanbul, Turkey


    * Thinking About Art: the One Word Project, Kirkland,JT, 1991

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