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[1901-1963] - often known as "The Doctor" - was a photographer

Sartaj Din Jouhar was born in 1901 in Amritsar, and after studying Science at the University of Amritsar, he came to England around 1923 to study Medicine. His interest in photography started around 1933. He was a leading member of the Leica Postal Portfolio which started in 1936.
He became a Member of the Royal Photographic Society before the War in 1938, achieved his Associateship in 1939 and his Fellowship in 1940. More or less continuously from 1944, until his death in 1963, he served on its Council and, as a keen Member of the Pictorial Group, he was its Honorary Secretary between 1944 and 1950 and later it's Chairman.
In photographic circles he was known to many as "The Doctor", and in 1944 he was elected a Member of the London Salon of Photography and was an active, consistent and prolific exhibitor for some eighteen years until his death. Membership of this elite group is conferred and cannot be applied for. At the time of his being invited to join, there were less than 30 members world-wide. .

He lectured widely and internationally. His objectives were to express himself through photography and to  share the knowledge and understanding he developed, with others. This self-expression brought him to recognize photography as a Fine Art and much of the latter part of his life was devoted to demonstrating this to satisfy himself, and with the hope of securing a change in the attitudes of others.

Some of his prints share a place with those from other famed photographers in permanent collections – For example, his picture "Madrasi Fishermen" (taken during his 6-month trip to India in 1959) was the first colour print ever to  be accepted into the Tyng Collection of the Royal Photographic Society, (1960)
He had many disagreements with the Royal Photographic Society over his view that photography should be recognised as a Fine Art, and as he was unable to persuade them, he formed, with other like-minded photographers, the Photographic Fine Art Association in 1961 and arranged the first ever exhibition in the UK showing photography as a Fine Art.  This was held at The Royal Festival Hall in November 1961.
Works of art were provided by Geoffrey Ashbourne FRPS, J Bell FRPS (Trichrome-Gum Process), H Cartwright, R H Cherry (Trichrome-Gum Process),
Louis Demolin, Eric Freeborn FIBP FRPS, Miss Jeanette Klute, the late George Halford and, of course, S.D.Jouhar
Dr S.D.Jouhar died in 1963.
More information can be found here: www.sdjouhar.com
"London Salon" is The London Salon of Photography
"RPS" is the Royal Photographic Society

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