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Showcase your photography book / fine art print on PhotoQuotes.com


Sharing your creative vision with the world is faster and easier than you think. Follow these easy steps and in no time you will have your images online.*

1. Send email to info@PhotoQuotes.com with Showcase my work at PhotoQuotes as the subject heading. You will then be sent the mailing address you will use to mail off your book/fine art print once notified of acceptance.

2. Once you have been contacted and told of acceptance you then need to mail 2 copies of your photography book or 2 copies of your fine art print to PhotoQuotes.com. Be sure to sign your work before you mail it off.

3.  Along with the prints or book include the following:
- Detailed information about the piece
- A short bio of you as an artist (plus some photos of your work)
- Your website URL if you have one
- Your mailing address so that I can mail you the work of one of your peers

4.  Now all that’s left to do is wait to see your work on the website. It will stay on the main page of PhotoQuotes for at least one week, guaranteed.

5. Now, here’s where things get really interesting. When you send in a print, you will receive one from another photographer, if you send in a book you will receive another book. This is a win-win situation. You get published and you get a piece of artistic history at the same time.
- There is no guarantee that all images or information received will be approved. The time it takes for your approved work to be published can vary depending on several different factors.
- While you won’t get your work sent back to you, one copy will be passed off to one of your peers while PhotoQuotes will keep the other.
- Problems with shipping can happen and PhotoQuotes takes no responsibility for damaged or missing work.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at info@PhotoQuotes.com

Start picking out the best work in your portfolio now and take advantage of this option, you could have your photos and images up on the main page, along with your bio information sooner than you think.

Following photographers have been accepted and are going to submit work (book or print) to this project:
Christophe Agou
Peter Adams
Dominic Rouse
Jerome photography club
Marsha Lega
Ellen Boughn
Robert Miller
Peter Wilcock
Sarah Moore
Diane Stevenson
Peter Fauland
Marko Susla
Ferhat Celik

What are you waiting for?

* If your photo or book gets approved

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7/22/2010 3:35:24 PM from Tom Schaefer - MiamiTom

He who hesitates misses the shot.

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