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Diane Stevenson photography - South Ninth Street - Showcase #3


In Diane Stevenson own words:
My project on South Ninth Street in Modesto is in it's early stages. I have no preconceived idea about the people I meet or the photographs I take.
South Ninth Street is considered Modesto's skid row as prostitutes and drug dealers frequent the area. I photograph a stretch of road between the Ninth Street bridge and the 99 freeway overpass, this area runs about a half mile long.

I have driven down Ninth Street in Modesto CA, USA for years on my way home from where ever. This March I began to photograph it. Ninth Street in Modesto runs many miles long but the section of street that calls me is only about a mile. I don't photograph it with regularity, only when something inside tells me I need to go. I don't think of my images as being positive or negative, and I don't have a particular point of view to communicate, the pictures I take of people, buildings, and cars are as disconnected as the subjects themselves. I don't utilize any photographic style, some of my images are clearly documentary and yet others are completely experimental. I often go out at night and pop the flash multiple times with my shutter speed on bulb. Most times I engage my subjects and other times I shoot from the hip. The only rule I have for photographing Ninth Street, is not to limit myself with rules.


About Diane Stevenson
Diane Stevenson graduated with a bachelors degree in Journalism with an emphasis in photo communications and a minor degree in African American Studies in 1994. However despite ten years of working within the newspaper industry, I believe it is only in March of this year that I have begun to photograph. I have a lot of learning to do and a lot of art to create.

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