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Marko Susla photography - Abandonment and In the Blink of An Eye - Showcase #4

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The first two photographs are from a work in progress titled Abandonment which was initiated in late 2007.  This work is intimately intertwined with a sister work titled The Fall of Farmers and Mechanics.  The work examines abandonment.  What is abandonment, beyond the obvious?  How does it affect us both directly and indirectly?  How in a way, it ties us all together in one continuum, like a cosmic thread.

Marko_Susla_Photography_In the Blink of an Eye_Bad_Trip.jpg

The second set of four photographs is from a new work initiated in early 2009 tentatively titled In the Blink of An Eye.  It was initiated to address the question of contrast and how photographers interpret contrast.  Contrast in my mind can be interpreted in two different ways.  The first, technically, via high dynamic range for example.  The second via a combination of subject matter and perspective.  The project I initiated consists of a series of diptychs with an image of a typical everyday scene as one would observe in this part of the world and what could result from intentional or unintentional actions.

Marko_Susla_Photography_In the Blink of an Eye_Neighbors.jpg

About Marko Susla
Marko Susla was born (1959) and raised in Connecticut, USA.  For his eight grade graduation trip into Manhattan, his father placed a Leica 35mm in his hands and a roll of black and white film showing him how to use it.  From here the interest in photography grew.  Marko was classically trained as a scientist obtaining a B.S. from the University of Bridgeport followed by six years of post graduate studies at Wesleyan University.  On entering graduate school, a professor asked him if he was a frustrated artist, continuing that this was a personality trait of those doing research in his field.  Working with spatial concepts, the rules of assembly, symmetry, asymmetry, learning how to look at things, to see things, graphic presentation of data, finding art and beauty from a perspective different form other fields of study, science was a natural conduit into photography.  A camera was a natural extension of using scientific instrumentation, that is how to make a piece of equipment work to achieve the desired results.  Also, how to visually present data capturing the desired elements.  Experimentation.  Marko’s current interests are disparate, including the beauty of scenic and landscape photography, editorial photography, and the dark side of documenting abandoned structures and places.  Perhaps this is a balance?

Marko Susla has been published in Supermassiveblackholemag (Issue #4)
and a print is going to an exhibit at The Center of Fine Art Photography.
Marko Susla website is http://susla.photoshelter.com/

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