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Ralph Velasco - On Travel Photography - Showcase #5

About the book
My goal with writing this book (On Travel Photography - 101 Tips for Developing Your Photographic Eye & More) was to provide easily accessible information about how to improve one's travel photography, whether venturing around the world, or around the corner.  It's not meant to be a text book, and certainly not technical in nature, just a collection of good, solid hints and tips, many with representative images and interesting quotes, so that the reader can recognize and capture more and better photo opportunities and so return from a trip with better photographs.
Many Curves - I made this image near Portillo, Chile, just over the Argentinian border, as we drove from Mendoza, Argentina's wine region, to Santiago.  When we came upon this scene I asked the driver to pull over so that I could attempt to capture this extremely interesting landscape.  It's my understanding that there are 28 switchbacks on this road, but I could only count about 17 in this image, so there are still quite a few behind me.  I like the way the bus adds a sense of scale and what I like to call a "human touch," to the image, as well.

Quite the View - shot at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.  Here, a good friend of mine and I had this whole scene to ourselves one morning in late October, and as I was shooting away, I pulled back from the camera's viewfinder only to see him up on the arch looking down almost 1,000 feet to the canyon floor below.  I caught my breath, as if I was on the arch (I'm deathly afraid of heights), and had just a few seconds to capture a number of quick shots, using his figure to provide a sense of scale and add a human touch to the scene.
Island Church - this image was made in Lake Bled, Slovenia.  I made it when I walked all around Lake Bled, in about 3 hours, and was able to capture this wonderful subject from a variety of angles, with different backgrounds and foregrounds and in changing light.  I always say "Get Around" your subject, and this one allowed me to do just that.

About Ralph Velasco
From his base in Southern California, professional photographer and author Ralph Velasco teaches and speaks at a variety of institutions including the University of California Irvine Extension, the Irvine Fine Arts Center, Saddleback College and Santa Ana College, as well as the Orange County Fair, Distant Lands Travel Store and various camera clubs and Meetup groups, among others.

Mr. Velasco leads a variety of photography tours to interesting places around the world, including Eastern Europe, Egypt, San Francisco and Chicago.

Recently named Open Photographer of the Year 2009 by the Professional Photographers of Orange County, Velasco has developed several distinct businesses around photography:


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