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I view, not like eye view. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography is a global visual language. - Lakshman Iyer

Self rehabilitation is the only way for Creative Addicts. - Lakshman Iyer

A camera is almost ur best friend.. Real friend may help little later.. camera helps in time to get what u want. - Lakshman Iyer

The only place where photojournalists obey and keep patience is at a Haircut Saloon. - Lakshman Iyer

None can answer this question... How many frames u clicked so far? - Lakshman Iyer

Difficult to find a human who don't like photography. - Lakshman Iyer

A never satisfied humans are professional photographers... from their output.. through a camera. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography is a good medicine.. it medicates you and others in a single dose. - Lakshman Iyer

What, When, Where, Why, How and Who, all of them together OR anyone always stands in a photograph. - Lakshman Iyer

What u imagined and captured thru ur camera is a photograph. No other medium thru. - Lakshman Iyer

The only art which grows advertently and in a fast manner together with latest technology is Photography. - Lakshman Iyer

An image expresses/communicates well in silence.. but the biggest problem with photographers is language. - Lakshman Iyer

Grains and Reciprocity Failure in Film = Noise and Pixelate in Digital. - Lakshman Iyer

The camera is to record your creativity, so imagine the IMAGE before click. - Lakshman Iyer

One can feel the biggest disadvantage of Digital photography is when computer boots U instead of its HDD. - Lakshman Iyer

360* one's mind should rotate when u see a subject to capture in a better way. - Lakshman Iyer

An image is always unique as it stands forever.. You yourself never ever can click the same again. - Lakshman Iyer

1st complaint of family members of a professional photographer... There is no family album. - Lakshman Iyer

Imagination comes in mind more than speed of a Shutter. - Lakshman Iyer

Kids and Amaeture photographers are same.. Everything new. - Lakshman Iyer

Dont stick into your mindset.. Subjects are everywhere.. Open urself and you are the one ignoring it to click. - Lakshman Iyer

MANUAL MODE - when really need to execute a particular image. - Lakshman Iyer

Modern Art = Adobbed photograph - Lakshman Iyer

Even USER MANUAL helps to make a good photograph. - Lakshman Iyer

You are wrong if you consider the Aperture, Shutter and ISO settings for Exposure in Photography. These 3 settings mainly for executing ur ideas. - Lakshman Iyer

The only designation hard to find in any media or advertisement is Photography job(in Asia in particular). - Lakshman Iyer

Ethics in Photography and Virginity until Marriage...one should keep as top priority. - Lakshman Iyer

Female Genders can do wonders in Photography.. by nature they have more patience. - Lakshman Iyer

Whats in a name? and Whats in a Camera? - Lakshman Iyer

Ur creativity reflects in ur image.. Ur images reflect U. So be urself and creative. - Lakshman Iyer

Be yourself and create ur own ideas to get a good image. If you are applying someone's, its like eating their vomit in a digital way. - Lakshman Iyer

Without knowing the basics, one cannot get a good image. Basic is nothing but understanding the camera settings, its possibilities n limitations. - Lakshman Iyer

One can consider/define the over exposed and under exposed portraits as High Key and Low Key Portraits. - Lakshman Iyer

Camera is just an instrument to record human's creativity.. but it can record what human cannot view, imagine or dream. - Lakshman Iyer

Love and Photography are same.. both will tense you at the beginning and once u started, u will feel it at the fullest. - Lakshman Iyer

Knowing is everything.. about ur camera, technics and bt the subject too to make a good photograph. - Lakshman Iyer

The only ART which has latest softwares available to develop is PHOTOGRAPHY - Lakshman Iyer

It always happens when u r not equipped/not holding a camera. - Lakshman Iyer

Viewing is half learning in Photography.. so keep on viewing others'... IMAGES !! - Lakshman Iyer

ISO takes equal value following by Shutter and Aperture.. for a good photogaph - Lakshman Iyer

An art.. brings back smiles and memories..become an evidence.. documenting the history... show the unseen things.. spreading the news.. shows the beauty of the world.. all in many ways...become a part of human's life since his birth to end of life..i.e the beauty and nature of PHOTOGRAPHY - Lakshman Iyer

One can show the deepest feelings in silence only when the other one is worth to understand.. like human life.. the Photography also do.. But it depends on the viewer... - Lakshman Iyer

It is not the matter of subject u photograph.. how u photograph matters. - Lakshman Iyer

A good IMAGE can be created, can be executed, can be captured, can be recorded but it is well before imagined by a mind - Lakshman Iyer

A Photographer is always in a relationship ;-) well communicated, emotionally bound, mentally tuned, mutually understood, openly censored and digitally stored. She hangs always on his/her shoulder whenever need. - Lakshman Iyer

Dont use PHOTOSHOP to beautify ur photo.. you can buy a better PHOTO at a SHOP - Lakshman Iyer

Compensate the exposure.. prioritise the mode.. choose ur subject.. apply ur instinct.. click on time.. a good picture is urs. - Lakshman Iyer

Exposure in photography = Salt in Food - Lakshman Iyer

OH God, take care of my loved ones.. provide me basic equipments, take me wherever i want to, make the season pleasant.. want to shoot more and more.. want to be a wanderlust always... can U? - Lakshman Iyer

Man made technology, man-made technology = technology made man mad in Photography too. - Lakshman Iyer

She feels what i think.. She understands my skills.. She cooperates when i execute.. She performs when i need it.. for a good image. - Lakshman Iyer

Love and Creativity comes from one's soul. Creativity makes u Lovable. Lovable persons are Creative. If u want to be Creative, Love someone. Be Lovable and Creative. Love and Creativity goes together. - Lakshman Iyer

SUN's rays is basic source for invention of PHOTOGRAPHY and it is still exist to document trillions n trillions of IMAGES worldwide. - Lakshman Iyer

A good photographer can imagine the final image well before it is being clicked. - Lakshman Iyer

Images are my kids.. I never get tired of making them... Each kid teaches me how to make an another good one and each images improves my images. - Lakshman Iyer

Simple things become great view.. by Photography. - Lakshman Iyer

MOOD of a picture depends on camera MODE. - Lakshman Iyer

Post Production and Editing doesnt mean that you can bury alive. - Lakshman Iyer

Oneday PHOTOGRAPHY become photoshopy..ORIGINALITY may disappear. - Lakshman Iyer

It reflects U, explore ur native, shows ur nature, express ur feelings and stands for what u are.. ur profile picture. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography and tasty food are same. When a Master Chef can explain all ingredients in a proportionate measured level while making a dish, my mom makes it more better with approximate handful guess of ingredients at home. While learning photography, learn all the rules but according to ur creativity one can break wi......th lot of inputs on ur own when u r in the field.. Tasty food & a good photograph matters. - Lakshman Iyer

Painting and Photography inter-related. A good photograph looks like a painting. A painter can portray or get an idea with a help of a photograph. Painter's Brush is a camera. colors are lights. Canvas is sensor. Both are ARTS. - Lakshman Iyer

Understanding the nature of the subject, emotional approach, technical execution and a good presentation helps to make a good photograph too. - Lakshman Iyer

" f " - this letter playing a major role... in life and in photography too. from Fun with Friends & Family to doF in images. if anything goes wrong, u r F#$#ed too. - Lakshman Iyer

Exposing a light sensitive material was Photography.. Sensitizing thru light is nowadays called Digital technology - Lakshman Iyer

A photographer become a road-side tailor if he made ALTERATIONS to his own image. - Lakshman Iyer

It is easier to capture with GREAT TIMING pictures thru continuous shutter mode.. - Lakshman Iyer

I + eye + iris + IQ = Photography.. for everyone. - Lakshman Iyer

Digital Photography and ATM Machine are same... Both need Cards... Deposits are Creativity.. PIN numbers are Camera settings.. No need to know the inner process... be happy with the results. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography is not just a matter of fraction of seconds. sometimes, few seconds, minutes and hours too. - Lakshman Iyer

Many enthusiasts leave photography coz of the investments involved in. - Lakshman Iyer

Visual Depth is missing in Digital Photography. - Lakshman Iyer

Photojournalism-more visible, Wildlife-dedication, Nature and Landscape-tough, Studio/Advertising/Commercial-depends on lights, Street/People-easy, Wedding-people's satisfaction and Teaching Photography-teaches a new perspective. - Lakshman Iyer

Great Photographers has no predecessors in the family. - Lakshman Iyer

None is photographer by luck.. but the images. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography makes ART live. - Lakshman Iyer

Human Memory recalls through images. - Lakshman Iyer

A video clip made out of stills has more impact. - Lakshman Iyer

Serious photography is being cool while shooting. - Lakshman Iyer

Every photograph has a behind the scene story too. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography was chemical and mechanical process and now become electronic and digital process. There will be another step. - Lakshman Iyer

There is no need of a literal description or metaphor... to a good image. - Lakshman Iyer

Viewing (more images) is learning in Photography. - Lakshman Iyer

Taking more pictures is the only easiest way to learn Photography. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography make History and the Digital Technology in photography itself made film, developing and printing, a History. - Lakshman Iyer

The students think that I am teaching photography.. but not really. Creativity cannot be included in the syllabi. - Lakshman Iyer

The whole world can trust a photograph, with its reality. - Lakshman Iyer

The latest advancement of Digital Technology in photography, cannot acreate a single creative eye. - Lakshman Iyer

I can get more good images if i n my gears are invisible. - Lakshman Iyer

Clicking through Program/Auto Mode in a professional camera is robotic work. - Lakshman Iyer

Although the technology made everything easy, good images still depends on the creative eye. - Lakshman Iyer

Impress well, because an image is photographer's expression. - Lakshman Iyer

Images are photographers' Diary. - Lakshman Iyer

Whatever the model, a camera is ALL IN ONE. - Lakshman Iyer

Direct eye contacts before a portrait, must. - Lakshman Iyer

Dont just click for a good photograph, can create history through it. - Lakshman Iyer

When will the technology helps a blind to become a photogapher? - Lakshman Iyer

Photographic work and Restaurant menus are same.. should have variety. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography born, exist and will live with reflections. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography is a mixture of Transformation and Convergence of real life, light and reality through technology. - Lakshman Iyer

A good photographer has his own world of thoughts & images and love to live with them. - Lakshman Iyer

First you are a Traveler, then a Photographer. - Lakshman Iyer

Focus on content.. be a color blind. - Lakshman Iyer

A good photographer always has a feel of 'Missing something'. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography is as difficult as the subjects. - Lakshman Iyer

Photography is as easy as the difficulties. - Lakshman Iyer

A photographer always should be ahead of being something happened. - Lakshman Iyer

Imagery makes the image before its being clicked. - Lakshman Iyer

The reaction of a photographer synchronising a subject, the way he/she wants to explore is become a good image. - Lakshman Iyer

Love the subject.. to shoot - Lakshman Iyer

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