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[1935 – 2016] Malian photographer
Too often is Africa's image linked to pain, poverty, misery. Denying this reality would be foolish, but Africa is not only that, and this is what I have always wanted to depict in my images. - Malick Sidibé

Man tried to imitate God by drawing; then we invented the photo. - Malick Sidibé

It’s a world, someone’s face. When I capture it, I see the future of the world. - Malick Sidibé

Photographs are reality: they never lie, and that’s important to me. - Malick Sidibé

I wanted to be the photographer of happiness. - Malick Sidibé

Before I knew the camera, I knew about images. It’s all about trying to make light with a pencil or with a crayon. It really helped me in the beginning, because I understood how light and shadow were working on an image. - Malick Sidibé

Young people enjoyed having their photo taken in their best attire, with their new earrings, curled hair, showing off their best watch, their bracelets… Everyone likes to be beautiful in photographs. - Malick Sidibé

It’s all the same. It’s the same face. We always look for an idea, for the same face, for the same position. There is no such thing as a “European” or an “African photography.” It’s all the same thing. - Malick Sidibé

My photographs are a kind of tourism because it’s as if you’re traveling to Mali when you see them. - Malick Sidibé

I was always on the lookout for a photo opportunity, a lighthearted moment, an original attitude, or some guy who was really funny. - Malick Sidibé

People said if I was at a party, it gave it prestige. I would let people know I’d arrived by letting off my flash… You could feel the temperature rise right away. - Malick Sidibé

For people in my country, it's important to have photographs of themselves to be able to show them to their family, their friends... It's a kind of social gesture. - Malick Sidibé

The studio was like no other... I did formal family shots, too, but often it was like a party. People would drop by, stay, eat. I slept in the developing room. They'd pose on their Vespas, show off their new hats and trousers and jewels and sunglasses. Looking beautiful was everything. Everyone had to have the latest Paris style. - Malick Sidibé

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