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[b. 1968] New York-based photographer
A photographic close-up is perhaps the purest form of portraiture, creating a confrontation between the viewer and the subject that daily interaction makes impossible, or at least impolite. - Martin Schoeller

Being a photographer is a job, it’s work. These days, everyone is a photographer. It’s important to be different, original. - Martin Schoeller

Like most portrait photographers, I aim to record the instant the subject is not thinking about being photographed, striving to get beyond the practiced facial performance, reaching for something unplanned. While trying to be as objective as possible, I acknowledge that every gesture is still an act of artifice. - Martin Schoeller

Get off your phones and computers—they don’t take good pictures…. Original ideas come from experiences and the people around you. - Martin Schoeller

I think all photographs lie. They capture such a small amount of a person’s personality, if they capture anything. - Martin Schoeller

My goal is to represent all my subjects on a level democratic platform that invites comparison. Where the viewer’s ideas of beauty and fame are challenged. - Martin Schoeller

I think all photographs lie, but some more than others. - Martin Schoeller

There’s always a lot of the photographer in photography. - Martin Schoeller

I think that’s what I love about photography the most, that you can dive into these different worlds. - Martin Schoeller

I have always been fascinated with photographing people that do not share our experience with the medium - particularly people that have never been photographed, are not aware of the medium, and are not as preoccupied with self-image as so many of us are. - Martin Schoeller

And you know, so many times I’ve heard that I’m a soul catcher, that I really capture the soul of people but you know what? I don’t think you can capture a soul! This old idea of photographs really capturing all the elements and something deeper within the person, I always felt it was a little contrived. So I do think that all photographs lie! There’s no objective picture. A person is so multi-faceted that you can’t reduce them to a single perspective and say you captured everything about them. But then again, there are portrait photographs which are not about people at all. - Martin Schoeller

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